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News: Wider Teams With Pajot For 145 Eco Yacht

Discussion in 'Latest Catamaran Launches' started by Yacht News, Aug 19, 2021.

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  1. Wider Teams With Pajot For 145 Eco Yacht
    A collaboration between Wider Yachts and Naval Architect Marc Pajot has yielded the Wider-Pajot 145 Eco Yacht. It is a blue-water sailing catamaran with some of the extending features Wider Yachts made themselves known for in the last few years. There isn't much widening and extending that can be done to a catamaran platform in the same way as a monohull but with the Wider-Pajot project, the team definitely sought to capitalize on the idea. Below, we can see the folding bulwarks on either side of the sugar-scoops as well as the transformer-type platforms that extend into the water.
  2. What's interesting is the aft end of the hulls for atleast two cabins opens up onto the aforementioned spaces. Heading up the stairs to the aft main deck a glass-fronted pool greets guests as well as sliding glass doors that lead into the main salon. This yacht's model name has the word 'Eco' in it and this is because of the environmental direction the yacht is geared toward. Atop the hulls and salon roof there are solar cells attached to help generate added electricity. Diesel-electric propulsion has also been envisioned. "The Eco credentials are now an important factor in the expectations and demands from the new eco-aware yachting customer," Pajot says. Wider plans to go ahead with production of this vessel. At 33.50-meters length and 14.25-meters in width volume is certainly on offer.

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Thread Status:
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