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News: SanLorenzo SL78 Sag Harbor

Discussion in 'SanLorenzo News & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 7, 2017.

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  1. SL78 Sag Harbor By SanLorenzo
    The SanLorenzo SL78 has been a staple model for customers to order but those are usually European based clients. SanLorenzo recently tailor-made an American version just for the American market. It is called the SL78 Sag Harbor. So what is so different about the Sag Harbor edition? The Italian yard collaborated with Marty Lowe, a designer from the Americas region to tease out certain facets about a yacht that Americans tend to like and also dispense with those that they lack gravitation to. Have a glimpse of this Americanized entry-level SanLorenzo Yacht with these photos by Jim Raycroft.
  2. The interior is perhaps where the bulk of the main differences between the regular SL78 and the SL78 Sag Harbor ends. It is much more laid back and casual and is described as more hands on for practicality. Since the yacht is geared for the American client, there are bigger chillers onboard to better handle the hotter Summer temperatures. There are also redundant systems in the generators. The name Sag Harbor to this model also hints at it's ability to lower its profile based on the low and fixed bridges in Sag Harbor. The mast on this yacht can lower and fold backwards out of the way at the push of a button allowing the yacht to clear the 6.4-meter space under the fixed Sag Harbor bridge.
  3. The internal areas of this edition typically have a different feel to the European version. The interior is generally very light and airy and looking below at the master suite onboard the whites and tans give a natural and cool feel. This is accentuated by the large side windows and mirrors that help make the space feel bigger than it really is.
  4. The light feeling continues into the main saloon on the mid main deck. Cream coloured leather upholstery adorns the L-shaped sofa in the space while the same colour is echoed from the ceiling above. Slightly darker walls gives an accented touch. Large side windows without frames offer an uninterrupted view to the exterior when the blinds are raised. It is really an uncomplicated interior that is practical yet stylish. The cabin arrangement offers accommodation for guests in a VIP in the bow, two twins and the master suite aft all on the lower deck. Power is provided via a pair of MTU 12V2000 M96L diesels that give a top speed just under 30-knots.

    For more information:

    San Lorenzo SPA
    Via Salvadori, 58
    55049 Viareggio

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