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News: SanLorenzo SL106 Hybrid Motoryacht

Discussion in 'SanLorenzo News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. SanLorenzo Adds Hybrid Capability To SL106
    The SL106 has been in the model line-up of SanLorenzo for a couple years now but with more and more owners perhaps looking to do their boating a bit more greener, the company has taken this model and added hybrid capability to it. That's essentially the difference between the traditionally powered SL106 and the Hybrid SL106, the layout is generally the same and the vessel is similar. Lets look a bit closer though at what makes the hybrid variant stand out from its conventional model sister.
  2. Thanks to a collaboration between MTU and Diesel Center, there are a number of modes that the hybrid version can operate in. First the yacht can be operated in the regular direct diesel mode, that is, the same dual MTU diesel engines that exist on the standard model. The second mode is that the hybrid version can provide zero-pollutant operation for more than six hours thanks to a bank of lithium ion batteries onboard. Yes, the yacht can still function as normal in this capacity just for six or so hours independently. Thirdly, boost mode, this is where all forms -both diesel and electric motor- of power generation is employed to produce nearly 2-knots higher speed. Another mode is power generation via a shaft alternator. You can run one engine and still have both props in operation and the added advantage that feeds power back to the electric motors which can satisfy the electrical needs of the vessel. The fifth model is one of the more obvious, diesel-electric propulsion. This can be done to as high as 10-knots without the yacht making a sound other than the movement through the water. This reduces vibration ensuring both guests and marine life enjoy the quietness. The first hull featuring the hybrid tech is already out and about and was displayed at a customer event just under two months ago.

    For more information:

    San Lorenzo SPA
    Via Salvadori, 58
    55049 Viareggio

Thread Status:
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