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News: Royal Denship Building 137-foot Expedition

Discussion in 'Royal Denship Yacht' started by Yacht News, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. New 137-foot Expedition Yacht From Royal Denship In Build
    Royal Denship has been quietly resurrected following a bankruptcy several years ago. The brand has a new website, social media presence and are Dutch-based. Royal Denship was acclaimed for building yachts such as 78-meter "Princess Mariana" (currently sailing as "Pegasus VIII") and the 63-meter globe-trotting explorer "Turmoil". Those two yachts really elevated the brand and now Royal Denship is back to building explorers again with the construction of the RD 137 Expedition Yacht.
  2. Kroes & Poortinga BV is responsible for the design of the yacht. The vessel is an explorer and not expressly fast but if pushed she could probably reach a 14-knot top speed but would feel comfortable at a stately 11-knots using twin CAT C32 ACERTs. At that speed, her range would be in the region of 4,000 nautical miles. Chugging along in the scenic bays and fjords, the vantage point could be taken in from almost anywhere on her exterior decks. However, her sun deck is a cool place to have vantage from with a Jacuzzi available on the fore of the deck, ample side seating, a bar, sunpads and a hardtop, there is plenty space to roam this deck with a cocktail in hand.
  3. Her main RIB tender appears to be stored on the aft main deck and is easily launched or retrieved thanks to a dedicated crane nearby. The side decks are fully walk-around and up a flight of stairs towards the fore will take you to the bow. Being built in steel and aluminium construction, the RD 137 she is expected to have a build time of 24 months and with build already commenced probably late 2017 we should see this yacht.

    For more information:

    Royal Denship
    Klifweg 20
    8321 EJ Urk

Thread Status:
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