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News: Outfit & Refit With Glendinning Products

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 6, 2024.

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  1. Glendinning Products; Meeting Mariner’s Needs
    Glendinning Marine is a household name and staple in the marine industry. Founded by Hylands 'Glen' Glendinning back in the '70s the company has grown to provide a myriad of marine related products. Paul and John continue to push the company on an industry leading trajectory. You can always find them at boat shows but today, we’re bringing Glendinning’s products to our digital docks.
  2. In the marine industry and other applications you can find Glendinning offering products from Cablemaster™, Hosemaster™, Complete Controls™, Synchronizer, Pro-X™ control cables, Rotary Drive components and Industrial Controls. Although known for its prowess in the marine industry the company has also branched-out outside of this industry providing solutions and products in the Recreational Vehicle, trucking, off-road vehicle, agricultural and even racing. Glendinning sells the Synchronizer and are good at producing it having sold the first Automatic Synchronizer back in 1972.
  3. For handling and storage solutions of shore power cables the Cablemaster™ is the go-to product. Powered extension & retraction, unlimited cable length, multiple installation options, and compact designs. You will never have to wrestle with heavy shore power cables every docking and departure cycle. Cablemaster™ is not only relegated to the marine industry but Glendinning provides solutions for RV and industrial applications.
  4. Hosemaster™ is a similar concept but for hoses. It was designed for the marine industry but can be specifically utilized as industrial or RV solutions. It automatically retractable hose reels on the Hosemaster™ making hose handling a breeze. Whether it is for handling water, pressure washer or air hose, Glendinning has a customizable reel.
  5. Glendinning introduced their first electronic control system back in 1996 and that basic principle is what they call Complete Controls™. It isn't just limited to yachts but almost any marine craft really. Sport Fishers, Trawlers, Work Boats, and Military Vessels can benefit from Complete Controls™. It works with a variety of engine application like Sterndrives, Saildrives, Inboards, Outboards, and Waterjets.
  6. Pro-X™ control cables offers the customer a comprehensive line of high quality pull only, push pull, and specialty control cables. Pro-X™ control cables give you the quality and reliability desired by customers. These cables are made for different industries too. You can get specific Marine Control Cables, Specialty Cables, Industrial Cables and the brackets and accessories.
  7. While Glendinning is an American company you can find their solutions and products all over the world. Contact them directly to find your local Glendinning dealer. You can also find distributors in Europe, Middle East and Australia. The company celebrated 50 years in 2022 and continues to march on today.

    For more information:

    Glendinning Products, LLC.
    740 Century Cir,
    Conway, SC 29526

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