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News: Lurssen 107M 'Northern Star'

Discussion in 'Lurssen Yacht' started by Yacht News, Nov 14, 2018.

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  1. The Next 'Northern Star' By Lurssen
    The next "Northern Star" will again come from German custom superyacht builder Lurssen and is being built for a serial and very experienced yacht owner. The client has built and owned several yachts in the past and affixed the name Northern Star to them. As a passionate sailor he loves the ocean and likes to traverse them either by sailyacht or motoryacht which would explain his ownership of both sail and motoryachts. Now the longstanding relationship between owner and Lurssen is set to continue with the current build of the new Northern Star.
  2. The first Lurssen motoryacht to bear that name for this owner was a 63-meter which was built in 2005. She however, since being sold goes by the name "Polar Star". The next motoryacht in his lineup was even larger, at nearly 76-meters, and also christened "Northern Star". This yacht has since changed and now bears the name "Bella Vita". That leads us to the current yacht in build, expected to be called Northern Star when completed as well she presently goes by the project name 'Icecap'. Project Icecap is significantly larger than any of the previous Northern Star sisters, coming in at an estimated 107-meters LOA. She also is carrying a reverse bow rather than the traditional flared bow.
  3. Project Icecap will be also a bit more environmentally friendly. She will still be a diesel-powered yacht but the amount of fuel consumed by her gen sets will be greatly reduced because a large number of batteries are being put in place to supply the electricity needs around the yacht. The gen sets will be used when the batteries need recharging. Over time the ease the gen sets get can be less money spent on fuel. A number of special features will be onboard too and while Lurssen has kept information quiet about this build some of these features can easily be seen in the renders. A large helipad is available on the aft main deck. The main pool onboard is located forward of the helipad and a jacuzzi is on the extreme aft main deck in the shadow of the helipad. The yachts large tenders are being carried outside and will be launched via the more traditional lifeboat setup. The swim platform is large as well perfect for boarding, launching watersports activities or leaving the yacht on an expedition via the tenders. Overall, the new Northern Star is the owner's ultimate yacht using available technologies to increase operational efficiencies. An estimated 20-guests will be able to be accommodated onboard in 10 cabins. With an LOA of around 107-meters the beam is a healthy 18.3-meters. Project management estimates a completion year for 2021.

    For more information:

    Zum Alten Speicher 11
    28759 Bremen

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