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News: Jarrett Bay 67 Sportfisherman "Sea Wish"

Discussion in 'New Sportfish Yacht Launches' started by Yacht News, Sep 3, 2021.

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  1. 67-foot Wish Granted For New Owner
    Jarrett Bay Boatworks recently completed and delivered the build of the 67 Sportfisherman named "Sea Wish". This vessel is taking her new owner and crew to the Caribbean and beyond. She was built at this yard under hull number 66 and sports an all-white finish. She was splashed in July 2021 and since gone through final detail fitments and sea trials.
  2. To get an idea what the interior is about on this custom-built sportfish you need not to look any further than the main salon. Below is the perfect example of bouncing two muted but rich tones off of each other to create a comfortable and chic luxury experience. Remember, this vessel is a sportfisher yacht built to tackle deepsea life but at the same time it provides the best experience once you leave the exterior decks and come inside. Wooden soles made of satin Teak are paired with fine fabrics for the carpet and other furnishings.
  3. Below is one of the cabins and a similar decor exists below deck in the privacy of the guest and owner cabins. The owner hails from Ponce, Puerto Rico and likes to fish particularly around St. Maarten, the Dominican Republic and beyond. To help extend her range for fishing, she is fitted with 2,000 gallon fuel capacity (7,570 LT). Other features onboard include Dometic SeaXchange & Spot Zero watermaker. CAT C32As provide a 34-knot high cruise along with a WOT of 41-knots.

    For more information:

    Jarrett Bay Boatworks
    530 Sensation Weigh
    Beaufort, NC 28516

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.