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News: "Here Comes The Sun" Re-emerges From Refit

Discussion in 'Amels Yacht' started by Yacht News, Jul 31, 2021.

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  1. "Here Comes The Sun" Re-emerges From Refit
    The Sun has risen once again in 2021 for a superyacht that was built in 2017! Back then or even up to a year ago when you last saw "Here Comes The Sun" you might have marveled at her different looking sand paintjob on her hull which was a bit different for a yacht her size. This yacht has been on the charter market pretty much from the start. The push to make her stand out and provide all the features that guests of today and the future will want to experience helped to formulate her radical transformation. Yes, transformation. Here Comes The Sun returned to Damen Yachting for major works which saw her being cut in two and lengthened to 89-meters!
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  2. The added length really does look good on her and takes her over the top of any of her Limited Edition sisters. The aerial shot seen below also gives a better perspective as to the different form she has taken on since the refit work. Immediately you can see some of the additions and changes made to her structure. The 6-meter extension was designed by Azure Naval Architects. The beach club on the lower aft deck has become even larger since her 83-meter days thanks to the extra space. On the aft uppermost deck you may be able to see that there is a dedicated helipad now. Layout changes were made too incorporating VIP cabins more seamlessly to the upper deck.
  3. Most notably her colour has been changed as she enjoyed a respraying of her surfaces to give her a fresh lease on life. Gone is the sand colour hull replaced by a dark paintjob with new bootstriping. The superstructure walls have also been matched dark to the hull along with other accents on the upper superstructure including dark V-sat domes. In this photo you can also see the pronounced nature of the added VIPs designated by the design bulges encapsulating the new balconies.
  4. The 6-meter extension to the main deck aft also provides a larger beach club, spa facilities and a large 7-meter swimming pool. Damen Yachting Project Manager Sander Peters, has worked closely with the Captain and Owner’s team during the refit. "A rebuild of this scale and complexity has required a very dynamic approach and good, open communication has been key. The Captain and Owner’s team’s operational approach has been a big contributing factor to the progress of this time critical project. Seeing her head back outside for the first since all the works started is a wonderful moment, achieved by the teamwork of all those involved."
  5. Here Comes The Sun has a new lease on life and will be able to wow her owner as well as guests for many years to come. Many times, extensive refits do not materialize into benefiting the external appearance of the yacht. Sometimes the change is so drastic that the original lines and design were altered to the detriment of the preceding design ethos. With this elaborate refit, the lines have been preserved as well as enhanced.
  6. The owner will take delivery later this Summer according to Damen Yachting. Damen Yachting Sales Manager Michel Coens explains what this refit launch means to the shipyard. “Welcoming any of the fleet back to the yard is always done with pride but for Here Comes The Sun, it runs even deeper. She represents the first step back towards full custom and bigger projects. Many of the same craftsmen and women who were meticulously involved in the original build have been working on her during this refit, remoulding and reshaping her into the new masterpiece she is set to become.

    For more information:

    Damen Yachting
    Koningsweg 2
    4381 NA Vlissingen
    The Netherlands

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