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News: 66M "Hodor" Completed By Incat Crowther

Discussion in 'Yacht Escort Ships & Shadows' started by Yacht News, Jun 18, 2019.

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  1. Incat Crowther Completes 66-meter "Hodor"
    The Feadship "Lonian" will soon have her shadow/support vessel working with her. That is because Incat Crowther has completed the build of the 66-meter "Hodor"(Game of Thrones name). As with the builds from Incat Crowther you would expect Hodor to be built on a Catamaran platform...and she is! The twin hull vessel provides the perfect wide base to not only store a wide plethora of tenders but PWCs, ATVs, rafts, toys and the helicopter as well as provide general support to Lonian. The following photos are by Clint Jenkins Photography.
  2. Hodor's prowess will be for her ability to carry alot of tenders and toys and in fact she can carry five or more tenders comfortably. Between her hulls she carries a large center console (likely to be a model from Midnight Express or HCB Yachts) with what appears to be four Seven Marine outboards. On deck there is a large performance power boat, general tender, skiiing tender and n large cat beach-landing tender. Cranes on port and starboard side of the work deck facilitate operations with ease. Of course there is a helipad to cater for heli-ops with helicopters up to 6 tonne and with a D16 value.
  3. Hodor is pretty quick for her 66-meter LOA with top speeds of 22.5-knots possible. She can also roam for 5,500 nautical miles at 14-knots before having to come back to shore to replenish. The twin hulls provide a natural stable platform for Hador and as a result there is no real need for stabilizers fitted. Onboard there is accommodation for up to 20 crew members. She carries a decompression chamber onboard as well as compressors, O2 and Nitrox tanks in her dive center.

    For more information:

    Incat Crowther
    Unit 15/9 Narabang Way
    NSW 2085

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.