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New Launch: Perini Navi "Maltese Falcon"

Discussion in 'Perini Navi Yacht' started by YachtForums, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Viareggio, June 2006...


    Perini Navi is thrilled and proud to announce that on Wednesday June 7th, the 88m Clipper Yacht “Maltese Falcon” successfully completed her first sail trial on the Bosphorus sea, with an off shore breeze that gradually increased from 8 to 16 knots.

    “The Maltese Falcon has written a new page in the history of yachting, the DynaRig is no longer an experimental concept” is the Owner’s first comment to this stunning success. “Everything worked as engineered and the yacht achieved some remarkable numbers: hard on the wind in 15.8 knots true, at 38 degrees relative wind angle, we sailed with no fuss or strain at 10.5 knots. On a close reach at 60 degrees relative angle, the speed (still at knots 16 true wind) climbed to 14 knots. The balance is, essentially, perfect – with weather helm never exceeding 0.6 degrees on the wind, or 2.5 degrees on a fast reach. The angle of heel was around 15 degrees, but in a puff, once touched 20 degrees. The leeway angle was well under 5 degrees (without the dagger-board in place). Since it was our first day out, and we wanted to be careful, these results were achieved with the topgallants and the royals furled – so we expect even better numbers in further tests. The maximum loading on the masts never much exceeded 50% of our (very, very, conservative) limit, so, we have plenty of room for some even better results.”

    These are the words that the Owner – who acted as Project Manager during both project conception and construction of his vessel – chose to describe The Maltese Falcon’s first sea trial. The engine trials were also a great success: the specification called for 18 knots, but she achieved nearly 20 (19.6) knots, with minimal wake and virtually no vibration. At full power, the two 1,800hp Deutz engines – which turn at only 1,800rpm – made almost no noise; so little that the sound from the air-conditioning in the aft cabins was louder than the sound from the engines.

    Photos: courtesy of Perini Navi
  2. The Maltese Falcon’s design and construction has been a collaboration between Perini Navi, Ken Freivokh, and Dijkstra & Partners. Her three carbon fiber masts, manufactured and assembled at the Yildiz Gemi yard in Tuzla, under the supervision of the English company Insensys, are free-standing and rotating. An absolute world-first for an application of this size and complexity. Based on the DYNARIG square rig concept – developed with Gerry Dijkstra & Partners of Holland, each mast carries five separate square sails supplied by Doyle Sails.

    The Maltese Falcon’s interior was designed by Ken Freivokh and supplied by German based Sinnex. Her accommodations can be configured from four to six stateroom suites. The Maltese Falcon is expected to sail in the Mediterranean early this summer.


    Length Overall: 88,0 m / 289.1 ft
    Waterline Length: 78,2 m / 256.6 ft
    Beam: 12,6 m / 42.2 ft
    Draft: 6,0 m / 19.7 ft
    with dagger board: 11,0 m / 36.0 ft
    Mast Head Height: 58,2 m / 191.0 ft
    Sail area: 2.396,0 m2 / 25,791.0 ft2
    Displacement: 1.240,0 t / 1,366.0 US tonnes
    Ballast: 200,0 t lead, 50 t salt water
    MCA Commercial Certified and ABS A1 Yachting Classification.

    For more information, contact:

    Perini Navi
    Via M. Coppino 114
    55049 Viareggio, Italy
  3. The Dyna Rig Sail concept, developed by Gerry Dijkstra & Partners...
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