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New Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) Stabilizer

Discussion in 'Stabs, Tabs & Gyros' started by KoffeeCruising, Mar 7, 2021.

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  1. KoffeeCruising

    KoffeeCruising Member

    May 27, 2018

    After researching the various stabilizers, I chose an ARG from American Spin Doctors for my 2007 Pama 54’ Flybridge motor yacht during the COVID layup.

    It’s a game changer.

    I finally got to try it this past week and was amazed how well it performs. My rationale for the ARG: it fits my use(s), my budget, it’s simple-ish-er to install, and (literally) fits really well in my lazarette. And it really works.

    I loved the idea of the Side Power fins, but the cost was too much and installation pretty complex relative to the value of my boat, and I probably won’t go out in the type of seas where they work best.

    Seakeepers are also very cool, but way more expensive and more complex than the air cooled ARG. Often Simple can be great.

    Back to the ARG; I am very pleased after a 7 day use of it in various conditions.

    This past week I cruised from Port Everglade to Miami Cut at various speeds in consistent 2’ beam seas both at 20kts and 8kts the yaw/roll was either gone or significantly minimized. The hobbyhorse up and down was still there but not the snap /roll I used to get. Fantastic at slow speeds and pretty good at fast, but in both cases way better than before.

    At anchor off Key Biscayne it really was noticeable. An occasional wake would roll in and the boat would go up, slightly pitch, but then settle in without rolling back- like when you stand up and stabilize a canoe or Jon boat with your weight. I watched other boats at anchor rolling while we sat solid.

    Where I really noticed benefits was at a side tie slip at Sunset Harbor. I turned it off thinking I didn’t need it since I was tied up and was immediately waked/rocked. Turned back on and once it spun up the rest of the stay was rock solid.

    Coming back up ICW just south of Camino Real bridge in the “washing machine on agitation” section of boats speeding down the narrow cut, we just had the up:down- no snaps. So very cool.

    I was really happy with the American Spin Doctor install. They beefed up my stringers ran the wires and control box, and everything was clean and tidied up. It fits really well in my Lazarette, I can still get around it for the rudders, steering pump it doesn’t impede my generator or water maker .... and the extra weight hasn’t affected my speed or handling. And it looks really cool when it’s running.

    Best thing- the Admiral (my wife) noticed how well it worked, esp after I had it off- then turned back on. It will make her more comfortable which will make her happy, it will make my guests happier, which makes me happier. Can’t wait to anchor out more!

    For my use, for my boat, it’s an absolutely killer upgrade. I now get why all (most) new boats come with stabilization.... and I would absolutely recommend retrofitting the best stabilizer for your needs if you don’t have one. CAAF515D-5B3F-448A-BABB-F74778BC9C36.jpeg
  2. Marblehead01945

    Marblehead01945 Member

    Jul 25, 2008
    Anyone else tried this? Now that its received some use how is it holding up?