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McMullen & Wing 37m Hi-Speed Yacht

Discussion in 'McMullen & Wing Yachts' started by YachtForums, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. (July 2005)

    Humphreys Yacht Design has announced that work has begun on the construction of a 37-metre (122 feet) High Performance Motor Yacht at McMullen & Wing in Auckland, NZ. Designed as a long-distance, ocean-going yacht, the hull and superstructure are built substantially from carbon composite which, when combined with three MTU 16v 4000 M90 series engines and Rolls Royce Kamewa jet drives, are designed to achieve speeds in the 60 knot range.

    To allow a vessel of this size to travel at such speeds, a wide range of issues had to be anticipated and addressed. One important factor concerned the centre of gravity, which in high-speed motorboats needs to be situated nearer the stern than in displacement craft. Following many months of computer modeling and high-speed tank testing with the Wolfson Unit, and utilizing their long experience in designing racing sail boats, Humphreys have incorporated an innovative forward water ballast tank to enable the moving of the centre of gravity forward when the yacht is traveling at slow speeds.

    Being able to optimize the trim at low and high speeds will help maximize both range and performance. At the owner’s request the exterior styling has been kept deliberately understated, achieving a workmanlike, even commercial, look that belies the yacht’s capabilities; making her truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Weight control and management is critical for a vessel of this type and forms a central principle at all stages of the construction process.

    The yacht has been designed to accommodate up to 9 guests in comfort, and will have a trans-oceanic range with 55,000 litres of fuel. Despite her size she will draw just 1.25 meters and is expected to displace only 94 tonnes in her high speed mode. The structural design was by High Modulus. Such a technically sophisticated project ensured that the Humphreys brief required design to a higher engineering threshold than would normally be required by the yacht classification society Germanischer Lloyd. All interior design work was undertaken by Humphreys Yacht Design, in continuous liaison with the client, to attain a fresh, open simplicity that will be particularly attractive in tropical and sub-tropical waters.

    Humphreys Yacht Design is a leading naval architecture practice with an established track record in large sailing, motor and racing yachts. With over thirty years experience in the field, Humphreys Yacht Design has developed long-term relationships with many private and corporate clients to create distinctive performance yachts with global capabilities that combine the most modern design and construction techniques with a traditional eye for detail and craftsmanship. With an unrivalled track record in designing high-performance sailing yachts, Humphreys Yacht Design has in recent years also applied this knowledge and technical expertise to the creation of fast motor yachts and the production of innovative yet practical concepts for owners and yards around the world.

    For further information, contact;

    Rob Humphreys
    Humphreys Yacht Design
    t. + 44 (0)1590 679344
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