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Horizon Yachts are Great!

Discussion in 'Horizon Yacht' started by Chopperman, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Chopperman

    Chopperman Guest

    Completed a 37M new build yacht with Horizon their flagship at the time and Commanded her for over 4 years. Looking to do another build at the same yard. The design is exceptional the attention to detail is great, after sales is good, and long gone are the days with small yacht build quality Horizons and Elegances of today are at the leading edge of quality and craftsmanship.
    This yard have won endless awards for thir Vision, Elegance, Premier and Horizons model range.
    I am available for a new build project with this yard if any clients out there are looking for an experienced new build Captain engineer with over 15 years experience of running 25 - 35 yachts.
    Well done Horizon !!