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Build Update: SanLorenzo 40M

Discussion in 'SanLorenzo News & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 19, 2009.

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    Mar 29, 2006
    SanLorenzo transfers new 40-meter motoryachts

    Just recently, SanLorenzo launched the two new yachts bearing the names "Keep Cool" and "iBoat". The latter is a new sister to the "4H" with gull wing styled doors at the bridge. With these boats recently launched and on their way to delivery, SanLorenzo is working on two other projects.

    These are two sister yachts of 40-meters in length that will be delivered to their owners in 2010. A major milestone was reached recently when the shell of the yachts were transported through the narrow confines of Viareggio on their way to the finishing facility.

    The all-aluminum yachts have made the transit from the fabrication facility, where the hulls and superstructures are put together. The two unfinished yachts were maneuvered through the confined streets one week after each other. The yachts will now be finished to be readied for launching.

    For more information:

    Via Armezzone, 3,
    19031-Ameglia, Italy.
    T: +31 0187 6181


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