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Alloy Yachts History

Discussion in 'Alloy Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Dec 22, 2002
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    Alloy Yachts are launched from the largest international superyacht builder in New Zealand. The company has been in business since 1984 and builds custom yachts ranging from 100 feet to 190 feet in length. Alloy Yachts is one of a small group of international yacht builders offering a wide variety of custom components that are manufactured in-house, specifically for their yachts. Aluminum is the material of choice, hence the name “Alloy” Yachts, which is located in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand. Alloy has received worldwide recognition for the quality of their yachts. Its sailing yacht, Salperton, received an award for Best Sailing Yacht Interior from ShowBoats International. The 54 m sloop Tiara, launched in 2004, is one of the worlds largest sloops and the first sailing superyacht with helicopter access.

    Led by Managing Director Tony Hambrook, Alloy Yachts enjoys the confidence of leading naval architects, interior designers, project managers, captains and a growing worldwide community of repeat and new satisfied owners. Vessels built by Alloy Yachts enjoy an international reputation for reliable operation and world class quality. Alloy Yachts is very much a part of this heritage and many of its 240 employees are involved in boating in their spare time. Alloy Yachts staff have sailed over 500,000 sea miles. This cumulative experience means that their people understand yachts and have a passion for the yachting and sailing.

    Modern technologies are used by Alloy Yachts to keep clients in touch with their project between visits. This includes daily photographs from a fixed camera, digital images by e-mail, a live website with webcams and video conferencing. Alloy customers develop confidence in the yard during their first meeting and, as a result, often reduce their planned number of visits during construction. Because Alloy is in a different time zone from the Northern hemisphere, questions raised during yacht building are sent overnight to the designers and/or owner’s representative and a reply is back in New Zealand ready to start work the next day with no lost time.