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Review: Roscioli Donzi 80' Sportfish

Discussion in 'Donzi/Roscioli Yacht' started by YachtForums, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. Roscioli Donzi R-80 Sportfish
    The Legend Lives On...

    Review by YF Publisher Carl Camper​

    Ahoy Mate, my question: When does a Sportfish become a Luxury Yacht, and vice versa?
    Also, where can I find one? That answer, at one time, could be hard to find, but today
    Roscioli Donzi Yachts builds it; a brawny, capable, and beautiful tournament model
    that every sportfish Captain would love to tie his Bimini Twists on. ​

    A walk-through, plus a ride that screams up to 40 knots, is convincing evidence this sleek entrant packs all the goods. She brings luxury living and pizazz into the manly – and sometimes maniacal – realm of sportfishing, with a swashbuckle. What the R-80 promises for the dedicated sportfisherman is the best of everything in construction, running gear, nav-gear, towers, chairs, interiors etc., based on a proven pattern from old-school sport and comfort.

    Roscioli’s Donzi is designed and built under one protocol, to be tough; a strong contender in the arena of hard guys who know their business, yet a larger, more sophisticated boat. If a yacht is always a “she”, this ocean-going tom-boy knows, and does her job, no matter the seas and weather. What Roscioli’s Donzi offers is the stamp of approval with the badge of quality and know-how, in a sport that never wants to settle for second best.
  2. Her hull: inch-plus thick hand-laid fiberglass and resin on foam-core stringers produce one single, solid masterwork. No seams or overlaps; rigid, sound-proofed. Next, her superstructure is attached, affixed with 3M 5200 adhesive, as well as glassed, then mechanically fastened. Classic urethane paint. Beautifully molded and modeled, to be sure, but – please excuse my “Ol’ Navy” expression – “She is... One Tough Broad, well put together.” Robust though this lady is, but “beauteous”, she’s crafted by Bob Roscioli, a long-time builder who demands nothing but the best. 22 years back, he acquired the Donzi name from celebrated builder/winner Dick Genth. With corporate offices in Fort Lauderdale, his boats – all over 50 feet -- are laid up at Roscioli International, Bradenton, Florida.
  3. Yet, to give a Master his due, we can’t talk Donzi without a bow to the guy who invented it. Don Aronow; a smart, man’s man. A big, athletic guy who became a millionaire in New Jersey real estate – building homes for WWII vets. He “retired” to Miami to race boats. First thing he said to me in an interview, way back then was, “Do you wrestle?” At his North Miami building shed during lunch breaks, instead of playing cards, those guys wrestled, for fun. He hired men like “Knocky” House, a pro wrestler who became a close buddy. With Don’s first boat of the new series off the molds, unveiled, sparkling, Knocky took one look and blurted out, “Donsy Baby, that needle-nosed raceboat is one red hot mama!” It was. The name stuck. That first Donzi went on to win the Miami-Nassau Ocean Race, and became the sportfisherman’s favorite. The rest is, well, history.
  4. R-80’s open space cockpit earmarks all the sport as well as the critical chores of big time fishing, with ease and plenty of elbow room. Handsomely fashioned teak coaming, uncovered, reveals her complete bait center with tackle drawers, fishbox, sink and freezer, as well as a crew/engine room entry; plus a marlin-caliber transom door. Located on both sides are inlet boxes with phone/ CATV, shore power and water sources. Her cockpit’s overboard-draining fish box is handy; transom door is at starboard.
  5. Centered here, R-80’s fighting-rod/reel station, close-up, displays the characteristic detail of fine carpentry design and clear gloss finish, which is notable throughout the yacht. Just below is the transom fish box, with an Eskimo slush-ice maker for prep tables and coolers; that’s plus the 20” freezers beneath the prep table. There’s also a livewell in the transom bulwark.
  6. This dramatic view demonstrates the lofty climb to her tower’s peak. Yet, it also serves to emphasize the care in choice and finishing of materials Roscioli Donzi selects for its valued customers: Structural aluminum weldments are 6061-T6 tempered. Stainless steel is 316L. Propeller shafting is Aqualoy 22HS. Offshore angling options offer a pedestal fighting chair, your choice.
  7. R-80’s Bridge; to display the fully-found Tournament Sportfisher she is, makes certain to provide her Captain the complete set of important information factors for performance. 360º viz.: With her power-assisted hydraulic steering, the twin captain’s chairs are open to views all around, bow to stern, plus an easy check forward of day-passenger groupies. Here we also get a close-up look at some of her outer NPG Orthophthalic gelcoat, and skin coat of Ashland Chemical AME 5000 modified vinylester resin. Nice strong, smooth finish.
  8. Her Captain and mate face forward to the quintet of oversized, easy to read instruments: NavNet-3D-capable, 17” Furuno monitors, Engine readouts for the stalwart MTU/Detroit Diesels, oil pressure ciphers. Add to those, a rudder position scale, fuel level gauges, plus power-assist hydraulic steering. From this central point the bridge’s total function command station oversees total performance of the yacht.
  9. This helm close-up centers on the large display of all electrical, control, and distribution panels strategically located throughout the vessel. In addition, all are protected with enclosures, reverse engraved lexan panels, magnetic/hydraulic and thermal breakers, rotary switching, analog metering and power disconnects.
  10. Blow-up displays of shore proximity and detailed radar plus sonar depth measurements; all keep the helm alerted to conditions and surroundings, ocean surface as well as yes/no below. There’s also an Anschutz autopilot, plus a starboard control station.
  11. Here’s the perfect Fly seating arrangement for the tournament sportfisherman to take the entire family, or party, on his great adventures; or off-season getaways for a week or weekend. Party time sweeps in quick and easy with this forward, spacious layout, tempting every rider to wallow in the luxury of total VIP cruising.
  12. Ensconced cleverly alongside the helm station, favorite fishing rods and paraphernalia. Challenging tools for an immediate quick-draw McGraw; should the demon of the deep suddenly appear off the port bow.
  13. Forward, another convenient cache: a gauntlet for monster-of-the-deep face-downs. More than a dozen high-style devices are secreted, safe from the usual tangles, easily accessed before the tournament starting-gun fires.
  14. When the big-fish fight is at its most exciting, R-80’s entire contingent can still cheer their champion onward, without getting in the way. This cleverly designed viewing window in the fly-bridge keeps everyone right smack on top of the action, while Sir Valiant wages the raging battle. Yaaa-hooo! STRIKE! STRIKE!
  15. Here’s looking up, at you. R-80’s non-feathered crow’s nest – her tuna tower, that is – fosters a 360º lookout ocean-scape, plus up or down. Balanced sturdily atop the breadth of Roscioli/Donzi’s vast scope, no limit; the sky, the sea, the far horizon.
  16. Up there in the Crow’s Nest/TT, you may be alone, (or not) but you’re the master of your universe, for you have total control of the ship’s scope and intentions. Throttles, steerage, course, velocity, everything but brewing the coffee; she’ll hand it over to you.
  17. From the Crow’s Nest / Tuna Tower overlook’s helm station – two-plus stories high – this uninhabited cockpit, though nearly 20’ across, 144 sq.ft., looks very far away, particularly without the ultimate fisherman and his gear, plus the support crew. Yet, its crispness helps define the care Roscioli Donzi puts into design efforts and finish. Chances are, few voyagers will ever see this empty view.
  18. Here’s where the inner lush-life look takes over, just beyond the Sportfisherman’s consummate gear pride and joy. R-80’s grand salon displays the chic custom particulars which help define her status as a luxury yacht. Still a dependable workhorse at heart, she also boasts gloss-finished sliced teak cabinetry over white carpeting, with padded bar stools for the revelers. This prize package is a one-off, custom design, but; Have it Your Way.
  19. Nestled at one secluded section of the Salon, the sumptuous, overstuffed leather couch fosters a dream in itself. With a glass-topped wood-embossed coffee table and slatted drapes, this high design and exquisite decor is perfect for the evening, after those riotous Tournament parties. An entire service entertainment system plays your favorites both here and the master stateroom; slightly downsized in VIP cabins.
  20. Under her stretched vinyl headliner, this close-up reveals the bar in all its glory; ready to relax before a glorious after-tourney banquet (no matter whether you grab the big prize...Relax! Enjoy!)
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