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Review: Millennium 140' SuperYacht

Discussion in 'Millennium Yacht' started by YachtForums, Dec 11, 2004.

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  1. The ultra-modern kitchen is welcomed by guests and chefs alike for its completeness, wide open spaces and ease of use. The Millennium's galley is rather unique. It is positioned parallel to the length of the hull, where as most yacht galley's run perpendicular to the hull. It features two seperate preparation sections, divided by a U-Shaped dinette, that affords complete interaction between guests, cooks and kids that swipe cookies. The galley displays the latest in gourmet food preparation – microwave and counter-top stove surfaces, granite countertops, double-door refrigerator, as well as twin zero freezers. To port is an airy, additional breakfast nook for casual late night or early mornings snacks.
  2. This picture is taken from the opposite side of the galley. It's easily as spacious as any luxury home kitchen. The overhead dinette mirror is clearly seen in this photograph. Every one of the cieling mirrors through out the boat (and there are many), have lights built-into and behind the reflective glass to exactly control the ambiance and illumination.
  3. The motif is carried through to the Skylounge. This view is looking forward. The Skylounge offers a gaming table with four barrel chairs plus couches, armchairs and a decorative cocktail table. The skylounge, which is completely enclosed and somewhat larger than the flybridge, offers deeply cushioned couches and a gaming center, hors d’oeuvres tables plus half a dozen padded stools facing a curved, fully equipped bar. Among the many small elements easily over-looked at first glance... the sofa has recessed lighting, further adding to the dimension and appeal of the Millennium's interior.
  4. Elegantly curved, the Skylounge bar follows the yacht’s radius décor theme and is fully provisioned with a wine and liquor list that would get a nod of approval from a French restaurant maitre d'. The bar sports another one of the many materials used to fashion this yacht... an ivory surface. Beyond the sky lounge, aft, the inviting, wide rear deck is suitably equipped for convivial social gatherings. Should you want to escape the social scene, twin molded-in stairways, port and starboard, lead down to the main aft-deck and further, to the swim platform.
  5. Located amidship and accessed via the spiral spiral staircase from the main deck is the lower deck foyer, elaborately laid out with granite and marble. On this deck are entry-ways to the VIP suite and double guest suite, set athwartships from each other, as well as twin guest suites forward, which are essentially located directly below the master suite on the main deck.
  6. Guest quarters seem even more elaborate than most boats this size. In the VIP suite, windows are ¾” triple-laminate glass, so if the damsel wants out, she'll have to find another route. A king-size, recess lit island berth dominates the room, while his/hers baths/heads are connected by a spacious shower. The complete entertainment scheme offers surround-sound TV, viewed from a half-circle settee. In all, just a tad less posh than the master’s quarters.
  7. The double guest suites are nearly equivalent to the VIP, with couches, closets, lockers, and complete entertainment centers, as well as ensuite baths. These rooms are located forward of the landing foyer and each presents a private head/shower. Immediately forward of the guest rooms are crews quarters with ample, comfortable bunk beds and well-planned closet/hanging locker space, as well as roomy baths/heads, and a fully equipped galley. Entry to the crew's quarters is accessed from the main deck port passageway and is seperate from the guest staterooms. Photo Caption: Even the guest twin-bunk suites make the Hilton look like a Holiday Inn. :D
  8. The main deck master suite is opulent, with a separate sitting room and bedroom, a king-size island berth joined by sophisticated burled-wood bed tables. Handsome cabinetry and wardrobes, vanities, a built-in bookcase, refreshment bar, and a deeply comfortable half-circle couch face the enormous entertainment center – highlighting a 42” plasma TV/DVD/CD/stereo. The ensuite his-and-hers heads feature a bidet, vanities, spacious shower (with a shower-head up 6’5”) plus a luxurious jacuzzi tub. Secreted in a convenient closet is an electronic safe for the owners. Photo Caption: The head is located behind the headboard wall of the master stateroom bed, which on the Millennium... is forward (toward the bow). Notice the sections that make up the base of the bed... they all storage compartments.
  9. A Jacuzzi tub big enough for two dominates the master head. It is located due center between his and hers seperate washrooms and vanities. Not seen in the this picture is the shower, with marble floors and etched glass walls. The marble floors of the shower feature an in-laid pattern and certain examples of attention to detail are notable. The shower’s granite floor imperceptibly slopes to drain water off to the side of the stall. This was done to eliminate a central drain, which would interfere with the marble's pattern. The marble is then finished to give a non-slip traction surface.

    Doors are specially made of ultra-light material so the total weight is less than 10 lbs. each. They are equipped with magnetic plates and jambs for positive closure and adorned with polished brass-plated door hardware by Sardanelli. Every room on the yacht has small, square lights at the doorways which, in a power outage, are plucked from the outlet to provide mobile emergency lighting.
  10. One of the few variances in the theme, color and woodwork throughout the Millennium, is the marble used to accent each bathroom floor. Each head has a different color and pattern in the floor, chosen to match the decoration of each individual stateroom. The master head is so opulent, it gives a higher meaning to the term... "throne". ;) Photo Caption: If you carefully examine this photograph, you will notice the marble was hand-picked, with lines that match the curvature of the jettison sinks. Now that's attention to detail!
  11. The M-140’s exceptional performance is provided by two Paxman 18-cylinder main diesel engines for a combined 10,870 hp, with twin TF80 Lycoming turbines adding 9,200 hp. These four powerplants drive a system of 3x Lips waterjets. This begs the question... what's the gas mileage? Well... fuel capacity is 15,000 gals. and the maximum range is estimated at 3,800 nm. Ignite the turbines... and your mileage may very!

    (Interesting Note: an oil change requires 1-1/2 55-gal. drums of a top grade product). Electric power is supplied by twin Kilopack gensets. Other essential cruising and comfort gear includes dual watermakers, dual water heaters, dual water separators, and quad Racor filters. Photo Caption: Starboard Engine looking aft, with the proprietary "Planetary" turbine transmission visible on the right side of the picture.
  12. Looking forward on the port side of the engine room, from the aft transom access door, located off the swim platform. There is also another access door in the front of the engine room that leads to the main deck.
  13. Capable of running on one or both turbines, due to the Millennium's specially built transmission, the stacked "spinners" are easily accessable and are positioned in the center of the engine room. These engines provide thrust to the central pump, while the flanking diesels supply power to the outboard pumps.
  14. A close up of one turbine. Hard to believe, these little rascals provide as much power as their 18-cyclinder, 15 foot long diesel roomates. :eek:
  15. Situated aft, inside the engine room are three of the most powerful cooling fans ever put on a yacht. They are positioned for fresh air flow directly over the turbine exhaust manifolds, but also ventilate the entire engine room with so much pressure, it takes a lumberjack to close the entrance hatch when the fans are running. That's some serious pressure!
  16. The complete systems control panel is located in the forward section of the engine room, immediately down the ladder from the main deck, in order to accomodate quick checks by the crew.
  17. The gauge panel for monitoring vital diesel statisitcs. (about the only familiar gauges you'll find on this beast!)
  18. A labyrinth of plumbing, each system is accessable and identifiable. The system pictured here is used to produce those special little crystals that enable the warp drive. ;)
  19. As we bring this story to an end, this single exterior picture might best capture the essence of the world's fastest superyacht. This is the exhaust for the turbines, which vents outwards from the stern into the fresh air flowing down the sides of the hull to enable rapid cooling of the exhaust gases. Not your average yacht exhaust outlet, huh? Schmiemann was very apologetic about the water spots on the stainless exhaust. :rolleyes:
  20. With all that is wrapped up in this magnificent yacht package-- total luxury, solid comfort and top-speeds that rival raceboats -- it seems certain that this wonderfully conceived vessel could satisfy the most demanding owner, perhaps even one who may claim…

    "The World is Not Enough"
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