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Review: Lurssen's "Queen M"

Discussion in 'Lurssen Yacht' started by YachtForums, May 5, 2005.

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  1. To maintain the clean exterior lines of a Queen, the auxillary controls are located inboard of the super-structure, just outside the bridge.
  2. Positioned above the bridge deck is a sun lounge and pool that offers a commanding view forward. This elevated position offers one of the best vantage points onboard, and at the same time, one of the most relaxing. There is also a wetbar on deck. Among the many details barely visible in this picture are headrests for the lounge pads. They are situated elevate your line of sight while laying down, so that you can see forward while cruising. Head's up!
  3. The bridge deck, forward, is replete with state of the art navigation and tracking equipment, as well as the wide instrument console containing monitors that keep check over the ship's operations data. About the only throwback to an era long past to be found on the bridge, are the simple wooden boxes flanking the steering wheel - holding equipment that will endure the ages... binoculars.
  4. Displayed on five digital screens are all figures for the ship’s equipment, gauges and systems. With the finest dual, adjustable helm chairs, the fine array looks to be fit for Her Majesty’s nuclear submarine.
  5. Just aft, the spectator row for half a dozen or more, fills its own space. A long, raised yellow leather sofa entertains guests who are ever-confused at the information displayed... and how the captain parks this bohemoth without taking out every piling in the marina.
  6. In the fun center of the imposing upper deck, informal spaciousness is emphasized with contemporary interior design (by Donald Starkey); light beige and fine-grained Canadian elm woods are used throughout. Columns, furniture, even carpeting follow the same theme, with darker accents in the piano, bar fronts, and small accoutrements, such as lampshades and edge trims. Game tables and a cocktail cabinet supply partying gear. Large doors lead to the aft deck, offering an outside table for 16, a bar and additional lounges. A staircase leads upward to the owner’s deck from this point.
  7. The main aft deck rivals the lanai of most luxury homes. Spacious and comfortable, it exudes the simple and clean lay-out that makes this yacht easy to enjoy, and equally functional.
  8. Following Queen M’s interior design pattern, the main salon features light grained Canadian elm in strip flooring as the aisle winds around a convenient bar w/stools, across from a cozy, carpeted conversation area flaunting deep-cushioned easy chairs and wide couches. Centered above the central meeting area is a huge octagonal mirror in the overhead reflecting the proceedings. Its addition adds great visual breadth to the already ample space. The salon also hosts a grand piano as well as a bar, and an oversized plasma TV screen which descends from the ceiling.
  9. Elegant regal seating for ten in comfortable designer chairs is the feature here; placed around an exquisite oval table, under a ceiling’s simulated starry, starry sky, an effect brought by hundreds of imbedded, miniature lights. The dining table’s size – as is evident here – is large enough for formal dining, with sophisticated candelabra as well as the finest china and cutlery. An overhead mirror again adds to the enjoyment and also widens the visual effect of spaciousness.
  10. The commercial grade galley is connected to a dumb-waiter, delivering piping hot food to any level of the yacht, without a moment to cool. Adjoining this section are voluminous cold rooms and a refrigerated freezer space, plus a special refrigerated room for compacted garbage.
  11. There are splashes of brilliance as well in the quietly organized office, for example; the blue-finished geometric desk, magically suspended in mid-air. The entire design scheme lends a spare, minimalist aura, yet sparkles with an artistic sense worthy of an entry to an architectural showcase.
  12. Many of today's superyachts contain a dazzling array of technologies that ensure the comfort and convenience of owners and guests. However, few yachts contain an onboard elevator! Reflected in the mirror of this picture and located in the master foyer, Queen M's elevator shows boats of this size are crossing the threshold between a yacht... and a cruise ship. Either way... a grand, floating hotel!
  13. However, grandeur expresses itself in unexpected places such as the guest-accommodation foyer, and the owner’s foyer, where understatement gives way to broad swaths of quite theatrical design.
  14. The fifth deck up is the lordly owner’s suite, a private deck, which features not only a huge bedroom/stateroom, but also its own foyer. There is also a separate dressing room, walk-in closets and cabinets (one covered by a unique painting) and a sumptuous bathroom, which hardly qualifies as a “head.” The king size bed, flanked by large bed tables, dominates its commodious bedroom and adjacent sitting-room area, which in turn features couches and cocktail tables, floor to ceiling windows. The private alcove presents it own state of the art entertainment center.
  15. Just outside, aft, the owner’s private unbathing area sports a breakfast table and lounging settees.
  16. From the outside... looking in. A common view point for many yacht spotters. And one that is just as enjoyable. For it is just as easy to behold and appreciate this work of art from the distance, as it is to board her and be soothed by her comforts.
  17. Outfitted totally in light onyx and hosting a steam shower, the his and hers majestic bathroom elevates luxury to its highest level.
  18. Double wash basins, as well as his/hers heads in separate compartments.
  19. The charming oversize bathtub is cloaked in gold-ochre Italian onyx, glass doors sporting gold-plated handles. Three 20” round window ports add light and remind you... you're not on a Bayliner. ;)
  20. Guest Foyer...
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