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Review: Lurssen Yachts 257' "Madsummer"

Discussion in 'Lurssen Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Lurssen Yachts 257' "Madsummer"
    A Candy Store of Super Yacht Confection

    by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy​

    Lurssen, with a proud history dating back nearly 135 years, launching thousands of vessels, from sailing dinghies to full-blown battleships, proudly unveils another of its stand-apart innovations. A unique personality in herself, perhaps recalling memorable adventures; she brings fresh, new concepts to the world’s super-yacht sorority.​

    Every Super-Yacht glitters with its own particular personality, flaunting before the world a special image; an ‘oeuvre’ – like an artist’s handiwork – to display its one-of-a-kind grandeur. Yet even in that hall of fantasy, a unique few rise above the crowd, displaying extraordinary creativity in design and engineering; a signature of excellence. Introducing Madsummer, a veritable candy-store of super-yacht confection.
  2. True to her fascinating name, Madsummer is conceptually in a world of her own. Designed by Espin Oeino, she follows her Owner’s desire for privacy, eschewing many normally accepted patterns and striking out on her own, to deliver enchantment for the most dedicated yacht fancier. Lurssen’s highly productive shipyards encompass 350,000 Sq. meters; 70,000 sq.m air-conditioned, with a 2500 ton travel lift. Its in-water capabilities offer 700 meters of deep quays. Madsummer was built in Rendsburgh on the Kiel Canal. Launched in 2008, she spent her own first mad-summer in the Caribbean. She’s classed Lloyd’s Register, Maltese Cross 100A1 SSC Yacht mono G6, LMC, UMS, MCA standards.
  3. Consider these clever attributes of glamorous Madsummer: a precedent-breaking ‘today’ paint scheme, “blue-jeans-blue”; a private, set-apart Owner’s deck with its own terrace, solarium, and pool. Rare woods; zebra-wood, sucupira, platane, interspersed with sycamore; then, leather upholstery, in jeans-blue. No imposing stairs or foyers for this informal, hip chick. For guests, she boasts six well-endowed staterooms – each with individually designed decor – plus, movie theater; 16-person jacuzzi and spa, constant-current swim pool; dive room; massage parlor; gym rooms; a fold-down terrace which leads to a solarium; plus a helicopter pad. And, if round-the-world entices your fancy; the ability to circumnavigate the globe.
  4. While Lurssen’s fabulous history includes building many firsts – such as the first motorboat, first diesel, and many more, Madsummer sports a totally relaxed, liveable interior. Styling by Albert Pinto. Her owner, inspired by the aura of a previous Lurssen’s yacht – Lady in Blue – specified a young and sporty atmosphere, even as he admired technical advances which make her doubly outstanding. The Owner’s captain, Chris Beirne helped supervise the build, adding long-earned knowledge and experience.
  5. Daddy of them all, Friedrich Lurssen, founded Lurssen Yachts in 1875, headquartered in Bremen-Vegesack, Germany. Now managed by 4th generation cousins Friedrich and Peter Lurssen, who transformed decades of military shipbuilding expertise into one of the world’s premier luxury yacht builders. Having launched more than 3,000 sea-going vessels, Lurssen has been the architect of numerous award winning yachts, including 319’ Carintha VII, 315’ Limitless, 377 Pelorus, and 414’ Octopus, as well as Pelorus, the 2004 Superyacht Design Award.
  6. Madsummer's bow features a flip-top lid housing a Zodiac Proluxe 638 inflatable rescue tender and Fuchs davit. On the business end of the bow, Steen windlasses stand ready to hoist Madsummer's massive hooks, which are housed within their own anchor sleeve when not in use, keeping the bow profile clean underway. Just aft, the owner's pool and circular settee are arranged for privately enjoying the forward veranda.
  7. This close-up of her gigantic sat-nav bulbs emphasizes more than simply high style. Sporting the very latest technological advances in communications and weather management, Madsummer is equipped to “go anywhere,” with ultimate confidence. And speaking of confidence, a fair amount might be needed for the washdown crew after a charter. Although the gennies are equipped with particle filters, those hard-to-reach hotrod stacks will likely turn some bulbs black.
  8. A wide view up top, the bleached teak deck invites the crowd to arrive by helicopter for lavish parties, an open deck dance floor, or whatever may demand unbounded space. Underneath the sculpted arch, sheltered from sun and weather, a windswept party awaits, complete with a swim-up pool bar.
  9. An alternate view from the foredeck presents an emphatic overview of Madsummer’s excellent modeling. Note the magnitude of stainless steel anchoring gear on the foredeck, with bollards lined in a row, fit for restraining a mythical giant. At center stage; the ship’s bell. Steps to port and starboard lead down from the owner's deck, granting easy access to the bow for Kate Winslow moments.
  10. Situated directly forward of the owner's suite, up one level from the main deck with a commanding view over the bow, the thoughtfully designed beach deck fits impeccably with Madsummer’s rounded decking theme; her Jacuzzi pool and accompanying couch/snack table flaunt an interesting inflection of perfectly fitting curves, to what might have been a mundane, so-so.
  11. On the owner's level, Madsummer's ultra-wide side decks are accented by sculpted supports converging to form a protected walkway. A trio of oval portholes offer stroll-by glances, as if to tease with a prelude of the view to come. This walkway runs the entire circumference of the owners deck. At around 400 feet in lap length, it's an 1/8 mile track with an ever changing view.
  12. The motif of total relaxation continues on the lower aft deck with a gigantic, voluptuous, cushioned sunbed. Spanning nearly the entire aft deck, or about the equivalent of two king-size mattresses, it is certain to take the edge off the charter rate. Shade or full sun, your choice; inhale that salty scenery!
  13. Before we begin the interior tour, there's one last exterior space that must be seen! High above, beneath Madsummer's massive radar arch, the top deck bar overlooks everything, including a pool at bar level for complete hydration, inside & out. Sliding glass window panes between the bar and the pool keep the breeze in check, but also doubles as a splash guard. Indirect lighting, on the walls and beneath the bar, ensure evening views remain glare-free.
  14. Madsummer’s magnificently equipped wheelhouse reflects Lurssen’s vast knowledge and meticulous application of the most sophisticated globetrotting equipment. On the Bridge, state of the art, integrated, a full range of instruments, from control room to engine room. Custom designed sensors and software, full automation, monitors and system management. Notice the keyboards recessed into helm-top pockets, each with its own faceplate cover.
  15. At the captain's control, two Reintjes gear boxes, twin Piening fixed propellers, Rolls Royce steering gears and high lift rudders all fall under the pressure of twin Caterpillar 3516 DI's that propel Madsummer to a top speed of 17 knots. At 12 knots, she can cover 6,000 nm, burning 232 litres an hour. She'll sail anywhere in the world with enough water under her keel and when the going gets gnarly, a four-fin set of Quantum Zero-Speed stabs ease the pain.
  16. On its separate, spacious, exclusive deck, Madsummer’s private Master stateroom commands startling views of its sea-scaped world. Her curving bank of windows stretches the marvelous view into a panoramic stage, faced by the Master’s king size berth. The Owner’s deck, with zebra wood and zingania wall paneling also features a spacious, teak-floored veranda overlooking the aft deck, shaded by the heli-pad platform. Upholstered seating is baby blue – or is that blue jeans blue, echoing the hull. Not shown in this image is a flat panel screen that deploys from the ceiling to challenge the amazing view.
  17. Architecturally almost strict, the Master Bath is dedicated to straight lines, crisply laid out, with light zebra wood and maple wall paneling, enhanced by glass and mirrored panels as well. His and Hers baths are separate, with appropriate paraphernalia, as are full walk-in closets.
  18. Placed within the Master’s Private Deck, his office is also decorated in matching-colored wood sheets, wallpaper, in burnt orange shades. There is ample room for office work, combined with at-hand communication gear.
  19. The Owner’s Lounge is huge by any measure, taking a new-age, minimalistic approach, using contrasting blues and earthtones to create an upbeat, inspiring atmosphere. A delight for the senses, the design is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's work.
  20. An alternate view highlights the richness of color and fabric in the Owner’s Lounge with a large, deeply padded ottoman in burnt orange, set against the backdrop of recessed, mood-blue lighting.
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