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Review: Lurssen Yachts 247’ "Northern Star"

Discussion in 'Lurssen Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Northern Star’s full-size, round glass elevator is not only visually striking, it’s installed to save a lot of steps up and down – and it’s fun to ride. All glass, just zip the door closed and you’re flying to the top – or bottom, your choice. Large enough to accommodate a wheel chair, the elevator also delivers adventurers to the Tank deck, and the Cinema.
  2. The jolly Saint-Nick red returns, brightening the Main Salon/gathering place. Here it adds spicy decor to the fat leather foot-stool/warming seats, deeply padded couches and inviting arm chairs placed handily around the room. Notice the fireplace at right, readily warming the entire room, or your feet, if you prop them in close on the padded railing. Overhead lighting, with an artist’s painted cloud mural up top – flying cherubs by a British artist – plus individual lamps to provide plenty of illumination to the pleasant family-gathering scenario. Check out additional fine art – the scale-model Huisman schooner “Meteor,” the 1875 steam yacht “Aries” plus several other detailed ship carvings against the bleached oak wall. There’s more, as well.
  3. Yep, that genuine foot/room warming fireside hearth looms large in this close-up. And it’s comforting to gauge the size as an actual friendly foot-thawer, or whole room heat conditioner. Sure to rate a riotous welcome in the frozen north, where Northern Star longs to cruise.
  4. In this expanded view we see the well arranged space and components with a long view of the Main Salon. Beauty is as beauty does, and we get a more pragmatic hint of the ship’s art cache, noting gorgeous framed paintings on available walls. Then, for the ultimate musical expression, a Steinway Grand Piano, for the musically inclined. Across from that, on the Edwardian dining table we find ... What? a Roulette table? Is this a cruising yacht, or a sophisticated Art Gallery? Craps Emporium? Hmmm...yes, she can be both, to your instructions.
  5. Continuing our Fine Art, Fine Cruising tour, we check into the artful 10-seat Dining table. Red, white, sea-blue, with another cloud mural–lighting circle at the overhead. Combine the living room, dining room; Roll up the carpet and discover, yes! A commanding party dance floor. Excellent, high-level arm-chair dining at a carved light oak table certain to pave the way for exciting conversation on artful subjects as well as sea-going adventures, blending far into the night. Solid plans for more adventures tomorrow. A Toast, to “Art that’s right with the world;” on an ocean of discovery.
  6. On the Main deck, even the well-designed day head offers fine design, rich woods, and more than ordinarily allowed space, for a yacht. Also touches of fine art, a charming tessera mosaic made of small river stones, polished and lacquered, arranged by the artist into the artful mirror frame.
  7. Northern Star’s capacious Galley is ideally set up for planning and delivering excellent tasty meals. A huge prep table dominates the space, but allows plenty of walk-around work-around room for a busy chef, or two. An adjacent pantry enjoys the favor of a food lift to get it there on time, still hot and full of flavor. Cooking and refrigeration equipment sport the latest brands and operations.
  8. Cozy and comfortable in her Theater, yet spacious enough for all to enjoy at one setting, the Cinematic “escape from reality” awaits. Decor chosen here is a dark mauve, avoiding the sudden glare upon film changes which happens in some theaters. Star’s Cinema cache boasts more than a thousand films; surely able to entertain her audiences for years on end.
  9. Quite spacious with double berths and ample walk-around space, Guest Staterooms on the main deck, project identical clean design factors in light-white-blue shades as her other sites. The advantage of the main deck location, rather than lower decks, allows more spaciousness than other yachts, where stateroom areas compete with crew space. Here also, bedspreads, accouterments, add varying colors. They offer large closets, walk-around roominess, side chairs; a small secretary. Lighting includes bedlamps, overhead, and table fixtures. Two of the five Guest cabins are VIPs, having connecting doors to single rooms; so can be used as a family suite. There are three other Guest rooms – one a double, plus two twins which can be converted to queen-size berths. Each, with light color schemes, show slightly different layout and design.
  10. With double wash basins, a bathtub, toilet, commode, the Guest bathrooms present every item the passenger needs. Decor is all a creamy off-white, with ample storage, towels, and large vanities to add spice on a successful voyage.
  11. A Guest Twin Cabin – which may also be used as a double, has slightly varying decor, but continues the theme decor. The twin berths can be closed together to make a queen-size berth; closets and other amenities are identical.
  12. A slightly different Guest Bath arrangement for the double converted to a queen size, also offers twin wash basins, vanity, and toilet, suitable for a family arrangement.
  13. A Massage and Beauty Salon; luxury not always expected on a yacht suitable for expeditions in arctic climes – or even warm and sunny – nevertheless, a fine option; holding equipment and gear to help arrest the rigors of time and tide. A very nice addition to delay weathering.
  14. This glittering, steel-floored, two story installation is no doubt more than a simple, packed “Engine Room.” With her twin CATS 2,000 kW each, she’s ready to roar. Yet these purring felines are extremely quiet, due to expert muffling and advanced vibration engineering. She’ll reach a top speed of 17 knots; range 7,000 nm. Zero speed fin stabilizers reduce wave-generated motion at cruise and at anchor. Producing low emissions, the auxiliary engine exhaust system boasts HUG particle filters and soot burners compliant with IMO air pollution requirements. The system provides excellent fuel efficiency as heat is not generated electrically but directly by burning spare fuel, thus demanding less generator capacity.
  15. Her enormous garage below harbors an array of water toys; a 25’ speed boat, PWC's; all easily launched at the stern. Also, dive equipment for those who will brave the slightly frigid ocean waters in wet suits.
  16. Also ready for a quick launch a 24’ RIB, shown here sliding out from Northern Star’s stern garage. With three padded seats, the inflatable is eased down on cables to the waiting sea.
  17. Shown during the RIB launching, a large section of Star’s hull at the starboard stern – her ‘garage door’ -- is opened hydraulically to cantilever the RIB out over the ocean, then eased down. Shown here, the ritual is so simple its crew are still standing casually during the launch.
  18. Summing up, Northern Star is an outstanding owner’s or charter yacht, ready and able to surmount the frigid northern seas, for cruise lovers to exult in, any time of the year. She’s a safe, strong, sea-going ship, equipped and ready for all weather conditions. She’s ready to explore the northern world as few others can only dream about.

    She's certain to become a classic.

    by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy



    LOA: 247’
    Beam: 44’
    Draft: 12’5”
    Construction: Hull steel; Superstructure aluminum
    Displacement: 1,940 tons
    Speed: 17 kts. max
    Speed: 12 kts. cruise
    Range, 12- k 7,000 nm
    Power: 2xCAT 3516 DITA-SWAC, 2,000 kW/1600 rpm
    GenSets: 2x CAT C18 383 kW, 350 kVA
    Emer. Gen: 1X CAT C-9 DITA 162/1500, 180 kVA

    For more information contact:

    Fr. Lurssen Werft GmbH & Co. KG
    Zum Alten Speicher 11.
    28759 Bremen / Germany
    Phone: +49 421 66 04-166

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