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Review: Heesen 50-meter "Man of Steel"

Discussion in 'Heesen Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. What sumptuous pleasure awaits in this softly lit, deeply cushioned “living room” that is Man of Steel’s Grand Salon. Bathed in near-iridescent light grey-off-white velvets; accented with its theme of chocolate-shaded Indonesian Macassar ebony wall panels and fixtures; this must be the Valhalla of super-hero fascination. Someone, please, uncork that bottle of millennium-dated champagne; for our toast to offshore exuberance.
  2. In her dining room, the silvery gloss–precious chocolate–high taste–level interior design continues, with a hulking, singular overhead chandelier, and crisp walnut/ebony Eames-style chairs, seating eight.
  3. Here in the galley the Man of Steel meets his match, it would seem, as glistening sheets of vibrant stainless steel enclose double refrigerator freezers, baking ovens, aerators and even suction fans. Abetted by the chocolate-shade design theme of wall paneling, her food prep, too, must rate a soaring starburst for excellence.
  4. Even in decorating her dayhead, the designers left no “should-have-dones” for a seemingly insignificant venue. Color and design is also out of the ordinary, and if a dayhead can be; this is tres-chic. Unlike the acrylic-covered floor, this stone panel is completely exposed for your hands to marvel at what your feet are missing. Notice the all-glass, raised sink. Quite unique.
  5. A close up of the stones lining the corridor, encased like Kryptonite behind clear acrylic, it's side-lit for effect.
  6. Even though the Man of Steel never needs machines to stay pumped, limber, and/or muscle bound, the balance of his crew and guests have this great, full size gym to keep them flight ready. Choose your faves; bench-press, pullovers, curls or pedaling. Daily reps are always on the menu.
  7. Cozy in chocolate and cream, the VIP stateroom projects soft and mellow, made for comfort, in suite style. Situated aboard in the space usually reserved for the owner; the VIP rates a full-beam-size private relaxing room. One fold-down wall even becomes an outdoor balcony.
  8. An alternate view of the VIP Suite emphasizes its beam-width size, plus an extra seating area with couches and tables, wall TV, all done in mouth-watering chocolate tones.
  9. A novel idea whose time has come, it seems, is the outdoor beach/patio; it springs from inside. Man of Steel is among the first few luxury yachts to add this advantageous feature. This “patio” opens directly in the side of the yacht w/a hydraulically cantilevered, fold down “deck” section that holds chairs or lounges. It seems to be supported by thin air, but it’s a tiny, far away world of its own, out there, with no one else around. Now, behave yourselves, the clouds are watching.
  10. Continuing its cocoa/white theme, the VIP bath adds a grey, stippled marble floor to its stark contrast. Mirrors, vanity, and a shower built for two continue its extravagance.
  11. Descending via black steel stairs, welcomed by a striking wall sculpture, the lower foyer adds an almost mysterious welcome to Man of Steel’s underworld attractions. Behind the fiberglass sculpture, a plethora of storage awaits. It’s here in this area the designers unleashed their most persuasive theme of Art Deco.
  12. Here in the Kid’s Room’s pop-culture, the comic book fantasy erupts into life, as Superman, in life-size mural form, flies in to rescue the female in distress. Once more, the mythical Man of Steel meets the needs of the ladies. The kids’ story-book cavern decor, in lollypop colors, is sure to set their hearts aflame, for a happy ending and a good night’s sleep. And keeping the kids in touch with the real world, a two-up desk for studies and web surfing.
  13. Playfulness abounds in the “underworld” cabins below decks, as vivid shades splash across the color spectrum; yet in superb taste with clever design elements. In all, we award two scoops (or more) of happy flavors.
  14. With a royal Moroccan, blue & gold decor, yet another Double Cabin is color-keyed to swoosh guests away from reality and slip into a sea of dreams.
  15. In keeping with the design theme, the bathroom features broad swatches of glass in sliding vanity doors, while the also dominant Macassar ebony plays its art in cabinetry.
  16. Color combinations splash across beds and walls of the Twin Cabin, while ebony anoints the doors and flooring. In all, a bright and pleasant aura.
  17. Down below, the frivolity stops here. Man of Steel’s engines pay tribute to its carefree concept, by providing enormous space for her mighty twin MTU 8V 4000 M70 diesels delivering max power of 2 x 1.160 kW. At her 164’ length and 29’10” beam, these marvelous workhorses drive her to a max speed of 14.5 knots, with a cruise range of 3,500 nm at 13 knots. Slowing to a leisurely pace, her range at 10 knots stretches to 6,000 nm, ocean crossing capability; Holland to the Caribbean, effortlessly, and/or around the Horn! Man of Steel is Heesen’s largest so far; her debut marks the builder’s 128th luxury yacht.
  18. Man of Steel can also boast about her quieter-than-a-whisper sound levels of 40 to 50 dB while at anchor and just 50 to 60 dB underway (normal conversation is about 65 dB-A). All this is thankful to highly advanced sound conditioning.
  19. Her fuel management system is monitored by Westfalia OTC 2-02-137 of 1,150 L-H; while Air Conditioning is chilled water custom built, with cooling capacity of 170kW.
  20. Other systems include Calor TZR Fresh Air supply; Hamann miniframe 5.400 LPD Sanitary treatment; while her hot water boiler, a 2x Nibe delivers 300 liters per day. Fresh Watermaker capacity is 12,000 liters per day.
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