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Review: Burger 101' "Tò-Kalòn"

Discussion in 'Burger Yacht' started by YachtForums, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Two guest staterooms are set just forward of the Master Suite; one stateroom with a queen-size berth, plus an additional one with convertible twin berths. A Captain’s cabin and crew facilities are forward.
  2. Each guest room has an adjoining, separate, private head/shower with sliding glass doors. Each also includes vanity, medicine cabinet and marble countertop. Sapele and Pommele woods complete the decor.
  3. Tò-Kalòn’s spacious engine room gives ample space to the hefty pair of water cooled, MTU 16V2000 M93 engines, which develop 2,400 BHP at 2,450 rpm; plus bow thrusters, fin stabilization, steering control, air conditioning, anchoring system, fire control, with multiple auxiliary systems. Impressively positioned and dominating the beam-wide area, there remains ample head and walk-around room for service, plus tool bins which accede to any requirement.
  4. An ASEA Shore Power Converter is also installed for power inputs with output of 180-550VAC 50/60 Hz, 3hp, 60 Hz to give seamless transfer shore to ship and viceversa. Electrical switches and breakers are rail protected to prevent accidental bumping. Access to the Kohler Genset is, as it should be, unobstructed.
  5. Electrical installation includes 208VAC 60 Hz three phase, four-wire system with grounded neutral, boasting automatic paralleling capability with governors, auto synchronizers and load sharing units. The system provides two generators, one shore power unit and a modular switchboard. Her Tijssen Elektro power management allows for a selectable “lead” generator – selected at will or automatic, based on running time, with automatic selection of power source, for normal, high demand or alarm condition.
  6. Fuel shut-offs and general plumbing is well provided for; organized and cataloged.
  7. The months of planning and construction have led to a signature “mid-size super-yacht” by Burger,
    one that will undoubtedly set new objectives for speed and luxury yachts in her category.
    Named quite appropriately, she is ‘The Beautiful’. She is... Tò-Kalòn.

    by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy​


    LOA: 101’06”
    Beam: 22’06”
    Draft: 5’05”
    Displacement: 135 Long Tons
    Gross Tonnage: 206 GT ITC
    Cruise Speed: 23.5 knots
    Max Speed: 27.8 knots
    Range: 625 NM @ 23.5 knots
    Long Range Cruise: 2,090 NM @ 10 knots
    Fuel Capacity: 6,260 US Gal.
    Fresh Water: 1,320 US Gal.
    Clean Oil Capacity: 65 US Gal.
    Waste Oil Capacity: 165 US Gal.
    Black Water Holding: 380 US Gal.
    Grey Water Holding: 335 US Gal.
    Class: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS);
    Survey and Notation to A1 yachting Service;
    Unrestricted World Wide

    For more information contact:

    Burger Boat Company
    1811 Spring Street,
    Manitowoc, WI 54220
    (920) 686-5117


    Reflections have a way of revealing perspectives. Here, Tò-Kalòn's engine room access door catches Capt. Chuck Gnaegy exiting the swim platform after a YF walk-thru at the 2008 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.
  9. Radar arches have become independent works of art. Often overlooked due to the magnitude of the vessels they crown, they link the outside world and tell a sublime story. Somewhere, someone gave a lot of thought to its design and what it must accommodate.
  10. On the outer aft deck wing station, a flat screen television mounted to an articulated arm is housed within its own box. Why a box? To keep the arm and associated wiring free of the elements. It's all in the details!
  11. Yet another dayhead, this one on the bridge deck wing station. Teak floors might have been an option, until you consider the agents used to clean a head. Burger didn't take the easy route here. They hand laid a mosaic of chipped tile. Puzzled together, it became another example of the details that set Burger apart.
  12. Stepping inside, be careful where you step! The art isn't hanging on the walls...
  13. Speaking of art, here's a close up on the staircase. A mind-bending piece of work in wood, it makes 180 degree turn, twisting its way from floor to floor.
  14. A boat built on grapes wouldn't be complete without a wine cooler...
  15. And finally, Tò-Kalòn's shrine to the aging grape is this artful, backlit dome, located and centered on the bridge deck ceiling.
  16. Deck Plans; Top to Bottom...

    1. Side Profile
    2. Bridge Deck
    3. Main Deck
    4. Lower Deck
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