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Feature: (preview) Amels 171 "Limited Editions"

Discussion in 'Amels Yacht' started by YachtForums, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Amels 171' - A Virtual Tour

    Amels, a world leader in custom yacht building for twenty-five years, has developed an exciting new concept in yacht production. In today’s fast moving era, time has become a more precious commodity. Many buyers aren’t keen on waiting several years to design and build a new yacht. An increasing number of clients want to take delivery of a new yacht sooner, more economically, yet with no compromise in quality and individuality.

    For these clients, Amels has created the LIMITED EDITIONS. A line of yachts with a timeless flair, designed on a platform of proven naval architecture and engineering. With outfitting and general arrangements pre-defined, the Limited Editions can be built in less time than a fully custom build and still give the client a high level of personalization. They offer the same seaworthiness, maneuverability, top-quality system components and superb finish as all of Amels custom yachts.
  2. Clients will no longer need to face a blank canvas during months of design meetings. Amels has done the work for them. All that is left to creating a stunning private vessel is for the client to select the final details. The Limited Edition concept is not new. Amels demonstrated the value of a time-and-cost saving program when, between 1997 and 2004, it launched six yachts of the “Tigre D’Or” series. Designed by Terence Disdale, the six yachts were built with essentially identical hulls and technical systems, but with individually appointed interiors and layouts. This award-winning concept proved that economies of scale could benefit both owners and a shipyard.
  3. The LIMITED EDITIONS will satisfy every owner’s desire for more pleasure on the water… and less time waiting to splash. The 52-meter Amels 171 is the initial model in the Limited Edition family. It is an evolutionary yacht resulting from years of experience and a rich heritage. The idea for Limited Editions arose in 2004, when Amels launched the 52-meter “Lady In Blue”, a private yacht that set a new course. Though similar in hull form to the Tigre D’Or yachts, the Lady was not part of the group, having some unmistakable distinctions including a larger interior volume by virtue of an extended superstructure and an interior that featured a departure in materials.
  4. To give the new Amels 171 an entirely original shape, the marketing and design group teamed up with two of the most vibrant talents at work today; the distinguished British designer, Tim Heywood, who has sculpted the exterior; and the resourceful Italian designer, Laura Sessa, who fashioned the interior. Together, the team has modeled a yacht that is chic, eclectic, graceful and robust. It will initiate the sequence of the new 52-meter yachts, with larger versions planned for the future. Construction of the first Amels 171 began in early 2005.
  5. It is difficult to describe a three-dimensional concept in words or line drawings. Amels conveyed their concept to Tim Heywood, who in-turn took these ideas and translated them into a timeless and sculptured work of beauty. With a complete understanding of Amels protocols, Heywood delivered an aesthetic form that is bold, yet elegant. The result is some of the most photo-realistic renderings ever created.
  6. Heywood is widely recognized for his design of a number of dramatic projects that have expanded the meaning of “Superyacht”. The Amels 171 form is fluid, balanced and functional; featuring curved surfaces, rare straight lines and no sharp angles. Heywood sees the external lines of the Amels 171 as having “strong, feminine flowing lines”, which are attractive to both genders. In any case, his design follows a vivid contemporary ideal, the result of which is easy on the eye and spirit.
  7. As a designer with a gift for conceptualization, Heywood was first concerned with the overall shape and volume that give the Amels 171 a recognizable persona. Heywood was also meticulous in creating agreeable details, such as shaping the critical interface between the yacht and the owners who will live aboard her. Ultimately, creating a welcome environment.
  8. This meant giving careful consideration to setting up situational layouts for the fullest enjoyment of outdoor living, which is an integral part of the yachting experience. Heywood was certain to arrange a variety of on-deck places for people to call their own – whatever the weather – such as a grand sundeck nearly half the length of the boat, with a Jacuzzi and a barbeque, plus easy access to the water and extensive stowage of water sports gear.
  9. If Heywood’s exterior design is fluid and sculptural, then what Laura Sessa has accomplished in the interior truly compliments his work, with rich unusual geometries and uncommon natural materials. Sessa enthusiastically combines elements in ways that are unique and have never been done before. She has blended several varieties of richly grained woods, earthy colors, natural fabrics and relaxing seating into an integrated whole. Sessa and Heywood both agree that the “heart” of the 171 is the bridge-deck salon. Light woods, large windows and translucent curtains are designed to bring about a bright location for relaxing and socializing.
  10. The 171 has an inviting general arrangement, which evolved out of the “Lady In Blue”. It features privacy, elegance and entertainment possibilities in the right proportions, whether it is the formal dining area or the main salon pictured here. All these spaces are surrounded with a natural ambiance. There are no synthetic fabrics or artificial materials of any sort… not even in the carpets. Only reliable, user-friendly, earth-grown materials are used, such as linen, cotton and wood that remain alive and fresh. To assure a summer-like ambiance year round, windows are provided everywhere, allowing a flood of natural light, as well as views to the harbor that surrounds.
  11. The Amels 171 general arrangement features a grand master suite and double guest cabin on the main deck. Though Sessa’s overall design is not neutral, its character is still moderate enough to allow the client to make suitable changes and additions. Sessa calls the result “soft”, because it is not too dynamic, nor will it overwhelm diverse owner styles or conflict with owner-provided accents such as works of art, decorative items and personal favorites. Above all, Sessa wants the décor to create and maintain a mood that will make any owner feel at home.
  12. On the lower deck are two guest suites and a large VIP suite that can be divided into two staterooms. It also has accommodations for 13 crew members.

    In 2005, Amels consolidated their design, engineering, contruction and administrative activities into a modern new facility in the town of Vlissingen, beginning a new chapter in the their 25-year yacht building history.

    Amels history actually dates back to 1918, but turned a corner in 1982 when they launched their first luxury yacht, the 48.5 meter Katalina. Over the course of a decade, the Makkum facility built such acclaimed masterpieces as Katamarino, Jamaica Bay, Lady Duvera, Lady Ghislane and My Gail III. The Damen Shipyard Group then took Amels over, adding to their technology, market strength and financial base. Subsequently, Amels launched their first new major project under Damen in 1995 – the 75 meter Montkaj, the largest motor yacht built in Holland at the time.

    By 2000, seeking greater capacity, they took over two modern enclosed drydocks from the famed Royal Schelde Shipyard in Vlissingen, which had been operating since 1876 and had built nearly 400 cargo and passenger ships, as well as specialized craft. These craft included torpedo boats, frigates, cruisers and submarines, for which the shipyard built to military specs…an even higher standard than commercial shipyards.

    Royal Schelde was converted into a superyacht building facility of the highest caliber by adding skilled yacht specialists to the staff of naval architects, designers and engineers that had previously specialized in military-spec builds. Combining this with some of the world’s top yacht suppliers and subcontractors, the facility was so effective that it received ISO 9000 Quality Certification in October 2001, less than 4 months after the conversion.

    Since this time, the Vlissingen facility has launched some of the most heralded custom yachts of the modern era, including the 52-meter Aidre, Amevi, Lady In Blue and the award winning Solemar. By virtue of the yard’s increased capacity, in 2005 – after completing a Franchini-designed 68.5 meter – the Makkum yard was sold and all of their yacht building activities have thus been concentrated in Vlissingen.


    Heywood and Sessa have embarked upon a new collaboration with Amels that has resulted in a unified harmony, striking a reflective balance between the external and internal designs. In order to accomplish this, Sessa and Heywood agreed on subtle changes to the overall design of the 171 and Amels will bring these aspects together in yacht that is destined to be a pinnacle of modern yacht construction. <end>


    The Amels 171 is a 52.30-meter (171.5 feet) full-displacement, twin-screw motoryacht with a round bilge, steel hull and aluminum superstructure. It consists of three accommodation decks and a sundeck.

    Length: 53.3 meters / 171.5 feet
    Beam: 9 meters / 30 feet
    Draft: 3.15 meters / 10.3 feet
    Displacement: 650 tons
    Max Speed: 15.5 knots
    Cruise Speed: 13 knots
    Range: 4500 nautical miles
    Fuel: 115,000 liters / 30,380 US Gallons
    Water: 17,000 liters / 4,500 US Gallons
    Classification: Lloyd’s Register / 100AI SSC Yacht Mono G6 LMC, UMS
    Power: Twin MTU 16V 2000 M70 Diesels, producing 1,050 kW @ 2100 rpm’s
    Stabilization: Active VT Naiad Marine with Stabilization-at-Anchor

    For more information, contact:

    Amels Shipyards
    Koningsweg 2
    4381 NA Vlissingen
    The Netherlands
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