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Feature: OceAnco Unveils 115M 'Tuhura' Concept

Discussion in 'Oceanco Yacht' started by Yacht News, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. 115-meter 'Tuhura' Concept Unveiled By OceAnco
    Fresh off the heels of their latest launch, the 90-meter Luiz de Basto designed Project ‘Shark’, Dutch yard OceAnco announces another concept. With the start of the Dubai Yacht Show, OceAnco announces the existence of the 115-meter 'Tuhura' concept with a design by Igor Lobanov. Immediately, the design is reminiscent of old canoes from ancient times. In fact, the official detailing of the design by the designer states the idea was from ancient peoples that used canoes and dugouts to travel long ocean distances. People like the Polynesians came to mind and infact, the word Tuhura is from the Maiori verb that pushes one to explore, investigate and unravel.
  2. The concept therefore features a long tapered bow and canoe-styled stern to echo the design of the aforementioned ancient transportation vessels. Igor Lobanov and OceAnco have worked together before. Two projects that come to mind are "St Princess OLGA" now called "Amore Vero" and the 110-meter "Jubilee". The Tuhura concept has an automotive feel to it as well finessing the tear-drop heavily.
  3. The exterior design will gain a lot of attention simply for its odd shape and conception but the interior is one that is also different. Achille Salvagni was brought onboard to design the interior of the Tuhura concept. The interior features inspiration from East Asia and Pacific Island areas. Salvagni describes the interior as a ‘brushed teak habitat’. The wide use of timbers on the interior should create a sense of peace and natural disposition. Fine details emerge from the wooden enclaves onboard such as revelations of Gunmetal and natural Bronze.
  4. The interior is interesting and so is the yacht in general and will appeal only to a certain type of potential customer. "Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics," says Salvagni. "This softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout." The superstructure is not very tall, in fact it is a single deck, keeping the overall profile of the yacht low. The top of the superstructure offers a sizable sun deck with a Jacuzzi, longitudinal seating and al fresco dining.
  5. Some of the other cool aspects of the yacht will not be immediately seen as these features directly relate to the propulsion systems. ABB is onboard with the project and has envisioned a hybrid Azipod system that features a contra-rotating propulsion system (CRP) that is expected to produce an 18-knot speed. The canoe-shaped stern necessitated high-tech solutions.
  6. The exterior design has a lot of hidden features and tricks, some that stare you in the face and you still cannot recognize them…yet they are there. One such feature are the windows in the hull. Yes, there are windows in the hull even though they are not visible. From the interior, the view out is clear but from the outside, it blends in seamlessly with the hull formulating a clean slate for a hull surface finish. It has been conceived with multiple horizontal windows that utilize specially made glass that contain series of dots.
  7. Lobanov Design is responsible for the exterior; Achille Salvagni worked the interior concept and BMT on the Naval Architecture with OceAnco. The concept is 115-meters long with a draft of 3.9-meters. If it were to be built, the vessel would be constructed to LY3 large Yacht Code. A client that enjoys pushing boundaries and breaking the mold, wanting something totally different to what already exists, will be a key candidate for this type of yacht. Onboard, she will be very smart in many departments especially as it relates to lighting, HVAC, audiovisual, temperature etc.

    For more information:

    Oceanco Shipyards
    Marineweg 1
    2952 BX Alblasserdam
    The Netherlands

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