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Feature: Kingship 144' "Green Voyager" Concept Yacht

Discussion in 'Kingship Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Kingship 144' "Green Voyager"
    A Concept Whose Time Has Come.

    Kingship's 144' "Green Voyager" concept is an ambitious undertaking to turn today's ideas into tomorrow's realities. In a press conference held at the 2009 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Kingship president Roger Liang and crew presented a slide show on how Kingship is moving forward with a unique, low impact motoryacht, capable of global cruising, for the owner who wants to be environmentally conscious without compromising luxury and comfort.​

    This Hybrid yacht-concept uses and stores energy from various sources including a small contribution from solar energy, derived from photo-voltaic cells mounted roof-top. All this is under the control of a sophisticated Power Management System developed by Siemens that sends excess energy to the batteries. When power demand exceeds the kilowattage available from the batteries, the Siemens management system will seamlessly start and bring a genset online, ensuring there is never a case where there is insufficient power available. When power demand decreases at night, the system takes power silently from the batteries as needed.
  2. The foundation of this is the RINA Green Star Plus program. MARPOL sets the basic required standards to reduce pollution. Green Star Plus requirements are voluntary and must exceed MARPOL performance. A compliant yacht must ensure lowered impact in 8 out of 12 forms of pollution described by RINA. Examples are increased efficiency using less fuel, minimal or zero discharge of Sewage and Grey water, lowered impact in the build process, lower oil discharge and many other areas.
  3. Kingship intends to achieve the highest Platinum level of Green Star Plus. Compliance will allow Green Voyager to enter protected sea areas with the most exotic and rare cruising grounds of the world. To achieve this, Kingships’ engineers and Axis Designs have worked to increase the hull’s efficiency. The plumb bow is not only practical, but stylish.
  4. Solutions will include heat reflecting glass, high efficiency insulation, photo-voltaics, large sliding doors and windows for ventilation all around, a heat recovery system, heat pump calorifiers, gas treatment, ultra efficient props, bio lubes and fuels, environmental operations manuals and much, much more. The aim is to reduce the power demand by an average of 20%.
  5. Green Voyager will be offered with three different propulsion and generating packages…

    Conventional Propulsion - will use standard generators and main engines, but due to the increased efficiency of the onboard systems, they will be smaller kWs than a conventional yacht.

    Semi-Hybrid Propulsion - uses conventional propulsion, but has high tech battery banks and power management to allow overnight silent operation of hotel loads. The aim is to have one night’s silent running of all hotel systems under normal cruising conditions. This is still in R & D so exact duration is yet to be determined.

    Full Hybrid
    - This is the ultimate option; shown in the diagram below. Here, shaft generator/electric motors as in the Siemens SIShip system is fitted within a ZF gearbox. Continued...
  6. Full Hybrid offers maximum versatility, some examples include:

    - Cruising with the gensets off and the Main Engines providing the hotel loads through shaft generators.

    - If needed,the advanced battery banks can also be charged simultaneously

    - Slow dinner cruising or passing through sensitive areas on batteries or gensets only. In this case the shaft generator acts as a 20 Kw Electric motor turning the props.
  7. The Green Voyager interior by Kingship is one that extends the onboard life not only from the ‘tropical loft cool’ interior to the deck but stretches beyond with fold down balconies to overview the emerald waters on which the yacht rests. Green voyager’s beach house interior consists of 12 full height opening windows giving greater cross ventilation than any yacht to date.
  8. Public areas like the salon were conceived to be wide-open when desired to allow full cross-ventilation with no obstructions. Fold down balconies further enhance air flow.
  9. Owner's suite rendering...
  10. The Owner’s suite has a balconied lounge that for overlooking the shore or the savouring a private al fresco dining experience.
  11. PowerPoint 1...
  12. PowerPoint 2...
  13. Specifications:

    Length: 44.00 m/144’
    Beam: 8.80 m/28’11’’
    Draft: 2.50 m/8’03’’
    Tonnage: 499 tons
    Construction: Steel hull / Aluminum superstructure
    Fuel Capacity: 60.000 lts / (15.850 gals)
    Water Capacity: 20.000 lts / (5.283 gals)
    Propulsion: 2 x C 32 1450bhp@ 2300rpm 1081KW
    Speed: 16.5 knots max (half load)
    Range: Approx 3500nm at 11 knots
    Power Supply: Northern Lights and Tier II MARPOL compliant
    Design: Axis Group
    Engineering: Axis Group
    Interior: Kingship

    For more information contact:

    Kingship Yachts
    Xinsheng Village, Minzhong Town,
    Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
    PC 528441 China

  14. Green Voyager Deck Plans; Top to Bottom...