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Feature: ISA Yachts "Yara 44" - Omega Design

Discussion in 'ISA Yacht' started by YachtForums, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. ISA Yachts "Yara 44" - Omega Design

    The Concept of ISA's Yara 44 is the result of a cooperation between ISA Yachts,
    Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. The result is a
    spectacular, fast displacement 44-meter motor mega yacht.

    ISA Yachts management asked Omega Architects to create the lines for a fast yacht adopted to the modern yachting life style. ISA Yachts has a reputation building fast yachts and displacement yachts but sees demand for speed in combination with efficiency and range. This new generation of sport yacht should have an attractive open main deck rather than a closed in formal main deck. The goal is to create 50% more usable space in comparison to a traditional lay-out. More than ever, ISA Yachts asked Omega to focus on the interior – exterior relationship, with full-height windows and opening. Attention should be given to the characteristic ‘near-vertical’ ISA Yachts bow. Last but not least, the yacht has to be Bahamas-friendly with a maximum draft 0f 7’. Omega Architects approach every new project studying the heritage of the shipyards and trying to understand the brand, with the aim to maintain the established tradition and at the same time propose new features.

  2. For this project, Omega Architects tried to create new elements of exterior design, at the same time maintaining a gentle look and some of the soft lines in particular, for which ISA Yachts is well known. The result is a sturdy, though elegant yacht design. A revolutionary challenge came out during the very first meeting: development of 2 projects, a 44m yacht and a 48m yacht, with the same platform. Omega and Van Oossanen Naval Architects managed to “divide” the profile of the 44m, respecting construction bonds, and stretch it until 48m. Superstructure’s lines have been adapted to follow the new shape, and then back and forward again.
  3. This link between the 2 projects allows a possible client to choose the length in a second moment, creating an advantage for marketing. Moreover, the 44m could be marketed at a competitive price, not losing the quality on which ISA Yachts puts emphasis, as a result of the recently rationalised production. The 48m will be based on exactly the same hull lines as the 44m, just with rearranged shallow propeller tunnels. Design-wise, the 44m design is slightly aft leaning, the 48m design is slightly forward leaning, with the result that the “small“ one acts as the naughty one, while the 48m is the big sturdy sister. Another fixed point, that was clear since the draw of the first line, was the relationship with the sea. These 2 yachts have low bulwarks, 2/3 of the windows are full height, creating versatility in relaxation, openness and panorama views from all over the boats.
  4. The naval architecture, as carried out by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, has resulted in a very flexible and efficient platform. To develop a hull form, which is shared by two yachts of different lengths, is a real challenge when the naval architect is not willing to compromise on neither the comfort of the vessel, nor the performance. The flexibility of the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) concept, on which these 2 yachts are based, was of great value in this process. The combination of a maximum speed over 24 knots with only the MTU 16V2000 M93 installed, with a trans-oceanic range at 13 to 14 knots, is certainly remarkable in this class of yachts.
  5. The entire sundeck is thought for giving a panorama view: legs of the mast are positioned to keep the deck as free as possible. To avoid railings, a glass bulwark protects the area. There are 2 different proposed layouts for the 44m and the 48m: On the 48m, in between the mast’s legs there is a Jacuzzi with sunbeds. A traditional layout follows: 10 persons dining table on SB, counter bar on PS. The forward area is dedicated to seats. On the 44m, a bar with a pop-up TV is integrated in between mast’s legs. On forward , there is a spacious lounge area, while the sunbathing part is reserved on aft. This creates a sort of “bar sport” atmosphere where guests can gather for watching a movie or a match, still being outside but in a privacy-guaranteed area.
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    For more information contact:

    ISA Yachts
    Via Mattei 14, 60125
    Ancona, Italy

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