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Feature: Bering 60' Steel Trawler

Discussion in 'Bering Yachts' started by Yacht News, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Bering Yacht's 60-foot Steel Trawler
    A Bigger Bering!

    Recreation, charter and ego-inflation are some of the pertinent reasons for owners building many yachts. However, how many of them can claim to be owners of rugged and utilitarian vessels fit to go almost anywhere while still maintaining the comfort of a luxury yacht? Trawlers may not be the fastest of the lot, nor are they the largest, but what they lack in size and speed they make up in range and practical get-it-done attitude. Indeed she is a luxury yacht under 75-feet long that allows her to berth practically anywhere without any hassle.

    The Bering 60-foot steel trawler is actually 63.4-feet LOA with a 20-foot beam over all. Even at full-load the Bering 60-footer’s draft comes in sub 6-feet (5.8-feet). Her ocean-going prowess comes to light with a leisurely top-speed of 10.3-knots and cruising at 8-knots. The range is astounding for such a small yacht and in this case, slow-and-easy wins the race. The Bering 60 Steel Trawler has a range just over 5,000 nautical miles drawing on only 4,600 gallons of fuel or just under 17,400 LT. To keep the Bering 60 moving there’s a 405-horsepower QSM-11 diesel engine by Cummins connected to a ZF-W325 gear box spinning a five-bladed bronze propeller.
  2. The Bering 60-foot trawler is truly an all steel ship. Not just a steel hull, but the superstructure is steel also; marine grade steel A-36. The bottom plates and integrated tanks are done in 8mm steel while the hull sides are in 6mm steel. The superstructure is in 5mm steel. The fly-bridge and hardtop are all in 4mm steel and the mast is done in fiberglass for weight savings and stability. The finished hull above the waterline takes ‘Capri Blue’ Alexseal paint while the superstructure shares the same brand but in ‘Snow White’.
  3. A look at the master bedroom shows a large queen-sized bed for two with the pocket seats on either side of the bed. Mirrors and glass are cleverly used to enlarge the Master room space. A variety of wood grains adds contrast to the room with dark hard wood flooring offsetting walls that are clad in lighter brown wood. All the modern accoutrements expected on a luxury yacht are here; obvious or not. Small dressers are on the side of each bed, along with customary reading lights for his and her. A look overhead shows dimmable LED lights in the ceiling plus kick-board LED lighting in amber below work well with the colour scheme.
  4. Storage is ample in the Master with space under the bed. Storage can also be found in night stands and full wardrobe closets. Japanese screens cover the portholes, giving a clean, Zen-like atmosphere. The Master stateroom is accompanied by an ensuite bathroom that is as utilitarian as the yacht itself. Ceramic tile is the main material used in the bathroom. Both the floor and walls are clad in it but that terminates at the micro fiber ceiling. The bathroom has dimmable LED lighting as well and a vanity with granite countertop. There are two other guest rooms that lay on either side of the center line.
  5. The guest rooms are fashioned and decorated in similar manner to the master stateroom, only they are smaller in scale. Same dark wood on the floors, same colour scheme for the beds and wood on the walls keep the unity with the owner’s accommodation. However, the bed layout is different with a double bed on the bottom and Pullman above it offering accommodation for three in one room. The rooms come with large wardrobe and cabinets with mirrors. Right across from the beds is a built-in desk with its own drawer and storage. It’s large enough and with room to fit a 23’’ laptop with ease. The guest heads all reciprocate the same features the master head showcases. So we leave the accommodation on the lower deck and rise to the aft main deck where the main saloon is located.
  6. The main saloon is the area for social gathering, entertainment or relaxation. Not surprisingly, the dark wood floor theme continues into the saloon. A large fixed table is framed by an L-shaped settee on the starboard side of the saloon with storage lockers underneath. On the opposite side, a built-in settee in the same white upholstery sits below the large tinted 15mm windows. The windows have their own slat-blind treatment. Lighting sconces adorn the frames between the windows providing extra lighting with a sophisticated yet elegant touch. What’s a saloon without a big TV? There’s a media cabinet forward of the table large enough to host a 50’’ flat screen television, receiver, media center and high-end speakers. Forward of the main saloon is the yacht’s galley –kitchen to you land-locked folks-.
  7. The galley is located forward and up the split-deck of the saloon. Again like the yacht herself, the galley is entirely utilitarian providing all that is needed to produce meals on demand. To facilitate this, the Bering 60 Steel Trawler’s galley is fitted with the latest equipment all flush fitted or hidden behind doors to keep the galley space and clean and free as possible. The Bering 60 Steel Trawler presents the owner with a flush-fit electric cook top that has four ‘burners’ on a glass top.

    There is a wine cooler, drawer refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave as well as a convection oven. Additionally, there is a large sink with 0.5 horse power garbage disposal as well as trash compaction. Storage wise, two pantries are available as well as storage lockers and drawers. The U-shaped galley counter is situated to the port side of the galley and can be fitted with either granite or corian counter top, to the owner’s choice. Not surprisingly –again- the galley is clad in the same materials present in the other public and private spaces covered thus far keeping the design unity blatant. If you go past the galley you will end up in the wheelhouse eventually.
  8. The first thing that strikes you going into the wheelhouse is the superb views through the windows. When the captain takes residence in their LLe Broc helm chair, the vista is unending through the glass. You also notice the continuation of the dark wood on tan wood theme only this time with the inclusion of black. Black wood finishes exist on the dash board.
  9. The settee is also upholstered in black leather and the fixed table it serves is rimmed in black as well. Chart tables are available on both sides of the navigation console and dimmable LED lighting is in the wheelhouse. Outside of the wheelhouse there is a walk around deck that leads to the mooring/work deck on the bow. Nothing much to see out there except the view! Standard mooring equipment protrude from the deck being ready for their imminent task.
  10. The deck is also walk around on the sides providing access to the aft main deck outside of the saloon. If you like, you take the stairs on the port side up to the open air upper aft deck. There’s a crane to serve the Bering 60 Steel Trawler’s tender and well thought-out that these utilitarian pieces are set on the aft-most end of the deck, leaving the rest of the deck open and clear. Moving forward and up three built-in steps along the center-line the Bering 60’s secondary navigation station greets you. There is seating and a table where you can watch the navigation of the yacht in progress in open air comfort. It is also in the shade thanks to the 4mm steel hardtop fashioned overhead.
  11. All in all, the Bering 60-foot Steel Trawler fits perfectly between a line of ocean-going trawler exploring luxury yachts. In fact, YF has reviewed the Bering 55-footer and briefly looked at the 75-foot steel trawler. The 60-footer now sits squarely between her counterparts. Rugged yet elegant, leisurely yet efficient, pocket-sized but purposeful; the Bering 60-foot Steel Trawler shows that one doesn’t have to sacrifice luxury for utility.
  12. Specifications:

    LOA: 63.4-feet
    BOA: 20-feet
    Beam Moulded: 19-feet
    Height (WL to bridge top): 24.7-feet
    Draft: 5.8-feet
    Displacement: 203,000 lbs
    Materials: Steel
    Engine: 1 X Cummin QSM-11 405hp
    Fuel: 4,600 gal
    Water: 400 gal
    Range: 5000+ nm
    Builder: Bering Yachts

    For more information:

    Bering Yachts
    12608 Leatherwood Ct.
    Raleigh, NC 27613
    Bering Yachts

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