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Feature: 2022 Hinckley Talaria 57

Discussion in 'Hinckley Yacht' started by Yacht News, Apr 28, 2022.

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  1. Hinckley Yachts Talaria 57 For 2022
    Talaria models from Maine-builder Hinckley Yachts go back a few years but we haven't covered many of them. In fact 2012 was perhaps the last time YF looked at one. For 2022 though Hinckley has the latest in the Talaria line, the flagship Talaria 57. Hinckley builds in different styles that touch on Picnic Boats, Downeast and even outboard models. The Talaria 57 though is a jet-driven boat full of American style and craftmanship -arguably the best in their market segment- as Hinckley themselves say, "finestkind".
  2. The hull of the Talaria 57 is made in epoxy-infused carbon fiber which answers the call for an even stronger build process. More specifically the build is DualGuard™ SCRIMP® Carbon E-glass composite hull with vinylester resin and E-glass deck. The shape of the hull is deep-V with a deadrise of 16 degrees at the transom. Her dry weight is around 66,000. Remember we mentioned she is a jet-driven boat? Twin MAN 1400 horse power diesels are coupled to a pair of Hamilton 403s. With 5,455 LT of fuel onboard and optional power package the Talaria 57 can top out at 45-knots and cruise at 35-knots.
  3. The Talaria 57 has an overall length of 62-feet while the hull length is 57.3-feet. 17.9-feet represents the overall beam and the boat draws just 2.11-feet of water. Onboard she can store nearly 910 LT of fresh water. As standard there is a dual gyro system that provides unrivaled stability while at rest and underway. Of course Hinckley continues to keep the Downeast tradition alive but this boat is packed with technology worthy of being in the 21st century. The Talaria 57 features Hinckley OnWatch to remotely monitor bilge, movement of the boat, shorepower, batteries, location, and critical engine data. What’s more, this data is reported on your mobile phone or tablet, in addition to Hinckley’s world-class service organization. Comprehensive digital switching allows for easy access and automation of all onboard systems. Access everything from the helm display or strategically placed touchscreens.
  4. On the inside, Hinckley says there is complete customization that can be done with the Talaria 57. The boat comes standard with sink and refrigeration but can also be customized to add an ice maker and or bar —anything the owner desires. The boat is a two-cabin vessel and features the rooms in the expected places, a forward-berth in the bow and another double midships off to the starboard side of the hull. Each has access to its own bathroom facilities. Remember this yacht has be customized so they layout of the cabins perhaps can change in orientation and location to a degree and move from double to twin configuration should an owner desire that arrangement.
  5. The ensuites are well appointed as you would expect. In this instance there is a play between white smooth finishes and the warmth of wood paneling. Natural lighting does reach the ensuite areas too with port lights and glass hatches above the interior isn't short on getting natural ingress of light. Plenty of counter space, modern fixtures, chic light sconces all help to create a vibe for overnight guests onboard not only offering a sense of privacy but traditional luxury.
  6. The Talaria 57 can come in a flybridge version which externally changes up the profile of the vessel alot. With the flybridge model owners can gain extra outdoor space to relax on as the flybridge has seating adjacent to the second helm position. The possibilities inside the salon area are still the same whether it is the flybridge version or not. Symmetrical seating is paired with a crafted table for indoor dinner and opening skylights above help bring the woody-appointed interior alive. The soles are finished with the white caulking again staying true to the style.
  7. The helm station is a work of art and attention to detailing is paramount. The yard took the time to create a custom Hinckley-branded wooded encapsulation for the thruster joystick! Two main Raymarine screens provide all the information you need and the layout of the other equipment on the console is not only aesthetically pleasing but all within arms-reach. Again, can't have the classic style without the circular wheel! The side windows can actually move and open up for a better view while maneuvering.
  8. Moving through the salon and out the back into the aft cockpit and Hinckley has lined the back of the boat in sofa seating. Of course this can change depending on what you want back here as a client. The layout is slightly different on the flybridge versions of course with the large ladder but Hinckley certainly will be glad to furnish your wishes on the exterior as much as they can for the Talaria 57.

    For more information:

    The Hinckley Company
    One Little Harbor Landing Portsmouth
    RI 02871

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