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Offshore Yachts founder Richard Hunt was one of the pioneers of a newfangled material called Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, which we’ve shortened to fiberglass. After World War 2, Hunt started building the earliest laminated fiberglass pleasure boats. His sons joined the business in the late ’50s and they launched over 100 powerboats up to 42 feet in length. In the late ’60s, naval architect Bill Crealock, well known for his world cruising designs, began a long collaboration with the Hunts, designing the seaworthy hulls and classic lines that have led to the yachts that Offshore produces today, such as the Voyager series. The Offshore Yachts line-up ranges from 52 feet to 87 feet in length. They have produced over 250 yachts through the years.
When a yacht’s designed length reaches past 65’ or so, many owners step back and decide they can’t handle the requirements of that size vessel. So, they hire a captain and/or crew, and spend their time on other yachting needs. But Offshore Yachts offers a slightly different approach with their 72'...
Offshore Yachts 80' Voyager Pilothouse I met with Robert Hunt from Offshore Yachts at the Miami International Boat Show this year. Offshore has been in business since 1948. I was given a tour of this yacht and I was impressed. The fit and finish of the glass work is among the best I've seen, but it was the interior woodwork and joinery that really stood-out. This is a heavy, displacement type hull. As such, it's not fast, but it's solid, well insulated and very seaworthy. There are many attentions to detail that make this a true bluewater boat, such as the drains for the main and boat decks. Many manufacturers mold notches in the rail and let the water run off the deck, where it leaves streaks down the sides. With the Voyager 80, water drains internally to the waterline, eliminating dirt trails on the hull. Since the Voyager is intended to be an offshore cruiser, it has oversized freeing ports, to dump large amounts of green water overboard quickly. There are other details, like the window frames, which are incorporated into the mold, so they won’t corrode like aluminum or rot like wood frames. There were other design features that I found personally appealing, including full walk-around, covered decks. Excellent access to equipment. Seal-tight doors. Just to name the few things I remember from the show 2 months ago. Unlike the new sleek-euro designs that are so popular, this is a classic, traditional designed yacht that is functional in lay-out and destined to be used for cruising. Equipped with a pair of 800 hp Caterpillar 3406E diesels, her cruising range is 2,200 miles at 8.5 knots, according to the builder. She cruises at 13 knots with a top end of 15.7. Here are some specs and the following posts contain pictures... OVERALL LENGTH............80' 10" WATER LINE LENGTH.......73' 0" BEAM...............................21' 6" DRAFT..............................6' 0" HEIGHT...........................19' 10" DISPLACEMENT (DRY).....148,000 LBS FUEL TANK CAPACITY......3.000 GAL WATER TANK CAPACITY...600 GAL