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Oceanfast Yachts is based in Henderson, Australia and was established in 1984. Oceanfast’s facility employs in excess of 500 tradesmen. They build yachts of steel, aluminum and composite, in both full-displacement or semi-displacement hulls. Oceanfast was acquired by Austal Ltd. In 1999, a publicly traded company that is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of aluminum vessels and the world’s largest builder of high speed ferries. Austal provides one of the more substantial product support bases in the industry, with offices in Europe, Japan, and the United States. Collectively, Austal employs approx. 1700 people at its 3 Western Australia shipyards. The main shed at Oceanfast occupies over 450,000 sq. ft., with nearly 60,000 sq. ft. under cover. The design offices occupy 7,750 sq. ft. Oceanfast has a significant investment in its launching capability. It features a unique transfer trolley, enabling vessels to enter the water parallel with the waterline. This rail system can accommodate yachts up to 453 feet in length. Each aspect of yacht manufacturing can be performed on-site at Oceanfast, whether it be mold construction, engineering, or furniture crafting. Lloyd’s Register, among others, classifies Oceanfast yachts and many awards through the years have been bestowed upon Oceanfast, for design, manufacturing, and industrial expertise. Oceanfast’s most notable yacht is the 228’ Expedition Yacht “Aussie Rules”, built for golf-pro Greg Norman. Another outstanding build by Oceanfast includes the 177’ “Perfect Prescription”, which was commissioned by the owner of one of the largest generic drug manufacturers in the U.S.
Oceanfast Yachts - "Sycara III" Dedication to a Legacy Designed by the legendary Jon Bannenberg and built by Oceanfast Yachts, Sycara III reflects the late yacht designer’s signature in numerous ways. Whether you’re a yacht enthusiast or a naval architect, Bannenberg’s work is easily recognized by autograph-like design characteristics.