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Ocean Alexander was began 30 years ago by Alex Chueh, who set out to build the world’s finest motor yachts. With a workforce instilled with deep disciplines, he set out to create a new level of artistry. In 1978, Chueh met with famed naval architect Ed Monk Jr., and a long partnership followed, resulting in the yachts that Ocean Alexander builds today. Today, Alex’s son John Chueh continues the company’s long partnership with Ed Monk. Ocean Alexander produces a range of yachts from 51’ to 98’ feet, including open flybridge and enclosed flybridge versions. The a new models are built using a proven Ocean Alexander hull from Ed Monk Jr. and his design team of Ed Hagemann (hydrodynamics) and Tim Nolan (structural design). Ocean Alexander utilizes hand-laid fiberglass hulls, select AL600 balsa-cored sides with solid fiberglass bottoms and prop tunnel design for optimum performance. Aluminum structural beams with carbon fiber reinforcements are integrated for rigidity and strength. Ocean Alexander 680 specializes in long range coastal cruisers, capable of serious passage making while still offering all the amenities of an elegant motoryacht.
The Ocean Alexander OA35R has been making waves and also reaching the headlines thanks to its modern appeal both internally and on the exterior. Making its debut at the ongoing Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) the OA35R (Revolution) has been recognized and in-fact lauded by NBC Sports as the 'BEST OF SHOW'. Further to this, the network will be airing a special on the 31st, the last day of the boat show with commentary by Townsend Bell, Leigh Diffey, and Kristen Beat, at 10 pm EST on NBC Sports.
Production yacht builder Ocean Alexander is a well-recognized name for those who keep up with luxury yacht offerings. In recent years the yard has been making a thrust to revolutionize its offerings with ever-more stylish and modern yachts. In doing this, the available range has expanded and there are now four main categories that customers have to choose from; the Divergence, Revolution, Explorer and Legend. Divergence is OA's foray into the center console market. The other yachts from the remaining three ranges are for a crowd with a discerning eye for the finer things under 40-meters. The Legend series is what we'll be looking at in this feature. The yard offers the Legend 32L as well as the slightly larger 37L.
Ocean Alexander has been keeping quiet regarding a couple new models they have been working on. One of them is the OA 27E which is an 89-foot yacht from their 'Explorer' series. Having similar styling and lines cued from recent models, the 27E will certainly turn heads. The appeal of this vessel is her relatively small footprint but decent internal volume as well as space to store the tenders out of the way of guests.
The 35P or the 35 Puro is from Ocean Alexander's new Puro series and represents the first model completed in the new series. The first 114-foot hull made its debut at the 2024 Palm Beach Show. This yacht is truly a different direction for Ocean Alexander and has quickly gained consumer interest. Ocean Alexander's boats tend to be American specific in styling and layout. With the Puro series it's clear there has been a shift towards European styling.
United States headquartered builder Ocean Alexander has sold and now delivered the latest OA 35R unit to its owner. The OA 35R was first unveiled at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and since then a handful were delivered including "Entrepreneur" and "Ziggy". At this stage it is unclear what the final name of the latest OA 35R is.
Ocean Alexander is a staple name in the marine business and their designs have evolved over the years. Now they have taken the veil off their latest creation. Today, the yard drums up anticipation for the new Puro Series and more specifically the 35P -part of the aforementioned series-. "We are excited to unveil the 35P to the world at Palm Beach," said Dan Mundy, Head of Global Operations at Ocean Alexander. "The 35P embodies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury and innovation, offering an unmatched yachting experience."
Ocean Alexander delivered the 35.3-meter "Boa Vida" in 2023 and she is one of the latest yachts of their Revolution class. She is for charter presently and as a result we can glimpse at what this new yacht has to offer. Designed by Evan K Marshall both on the exterior and interior, there is a contemporary aesthetic onboard. Naval Architecture was done by Arrabito Naval Architects.
We might have seen the popular OA 30R and 28E from Ocean Alexander but we haven't seen the OA 32E as yet - at least up until earlier this year-. At the Miami International Boat Show in February the first OA 32E was on display for the first time. At the time there were three other units under construction with the second slated to launch soon (at the time). Evan K. Marshall has been behind the design of these vessels.
Ocean Alexander debuted the 28E (Explorer) to the world at the Sanctuary Cove Show in Australia back in May 2022. It probably could have made its debut earlier than that but the first hull was lost when it was supposed to debut in 2021. The second hull is what debuted at Sanctuary Cove and the third hull made its debut at FLIBS 2022. The latest hull is now expected to make its debut at the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show next month.
Taiwanese builder Ocean Alexander has revealed a new model they have named the 35 Puro. This is something new while still building at the same size of their current OA 35 Revolution model. The first hull is already under construction and the styling by Giorgio M Cassetta points the design towards a European aesthethic. The model name 'Puro' suggests this as it is Italian to convey 'the essence of all things that are pure'.
Ocean Alexander will be debuting its new 28 Explorer at the Sanctuary Cove show when it starts tomorrow. The yacht is new and recently out of the shed and the show in Australia is its first stop for the public to see. The exterior and interior is the work of Evan K. Marshall in collaboration with the yard. The design firm's work carves a four-stateroom layout out of the available 163 GT.
After the relative success of its OA100 line Ocean Alexander has sought to update this model and is now introducing the OA105 with a look that is more sophisticated and perhaps now familiar -after seeing the Revolution builds-. The 33-meter vessel is actually 33.13-meters LOA has has a design by Evan K Marshall. The first hull is already under construction and you will get to see it later in the year, in October.