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Nordhavn Yachts is a classic tale about two young mariners who spent their early years crossing oceans in small yachts, but their ambitions and accomplishments grew into an yachting enterprise. Jim Lieshman, crewing on his family’s yacht, had sailed from California to Hawaii. Dan Streech had cruised for a year on his family’s 54’ Alden yawl. Later, they met Joe Meglen and soon after they formed Pacific Asian Enterprises, importing CT boats, and Transpac 49s, from Taiwan. In those early days of Taiwan production, boats needed extra effort to reach Western-world quality standards; so all three men worked with their crews to bring the boats up to par. They raised quality levels; eventually importing and selling 35 Transpacs. By 1977, ready for the next step, they presented a plan to their builders: The developer – PAE – would own the molds and tooling while the Taiwan builder would deal exclusively as their sub-contractor. In spite of popular opinion and rejection by yachting magazines, their direction was a “tugboat” shape reminiscent of North Sea Trawlers. The guys named the new line of yachts… Nordhavn, which is Norwegian for North Harbor. They negotiated with a new builder, Tsai Wan Sheu, South Coast Marine in Tapei, Taiwan for production. While sailing cruisers at first turned up their noses to the new concept, ocean voyagers quickly saw this approach as a promising new concept. After all, most wind-sailors also used diesel power a large percentage of their miles, motor-sailing. That was the beginning of an international marketing effort, and orders began flooding in for Nordhavn Yachts. This led to new models, new worldwide dealerships, and a new builder: SCM Xiamen China, which has delivered the new Nordhavn 55. Other models, like the Nordhavn 40, have made the Around the World trip as a 27-week voyage, with successive crews of company employees. Today, Nordhavn’s line of yachts ranges from 35 to 85 feet, with plans to build a new 50’ trawler-style, motor-sailor. Nordhavn enjoys a growing community of loyal yacht owners and repeat customers.
This isn’t a story about a small boat crossing the Atlantic, but is about the owner with the determination to do so. This is about the journey, the destination, and the man standing behind the wheel. Well, to be precise, the man is sitting not standing, and the wheel has been replaced with a joystick. The transoceanic vessel’s name is Embracing Life. Philippe Guglielmetti not only embraces life, but he wrote a book titled Embracing Life After My Stroke. Boating is not new to Philippe, but crossing oceans in his own yacht is. We commonly hear the expression amongst mariners that “It’s about the journey, not the destination” and that for sure is an aphorism that applies to Philippe.
Known as a builder of practical go-anywhere exploring yachts, Nordhavn has an extensive range of vessels. One of them is the N80 of which they are currently working at producing the third hull in this model. The Third N80 has design by Nordhavn with a collaboration with Vripack on the interior. Nordhavn has released renderings focused on the interior of the vessel and how the interior should be represented when completed in 2021.
Nordhavn Yachts New 63' TrawlerThe Evolution of the Expedition Review by Judy Waldman The Nordhavn 63 is the convergence of two yachts; the Nordhavn 55 and Nordhavn 62. Each of these passagemaking yachts share the same purpose and capabilities while offering a different profile and presentation. Nordhavn heard the calling for a yacht with the features of the 55, but with the salty styling that put Nordhavn on the map. The 63 isn't a hybrid, but a trawler with its own identity, and one that carries the Nordhavn birthright. The creation of a new model was not initiated with the 63, as Nordhavn had successfully morphed their 72 to a 76, but more closely replicated was the change from the Nordhavn 64 to the aft wheelhouse 68. The history of the Nordhavn 55 is a significant starting point, but let’s go astern to the beginning of the beginning with the brains behind the brawn. The story is well known by now of Jim Leishman and Dan Streech starting out as partners building Mason sailboats in the 1970s and 80s under the PAE (Pacific Asian Enterprise) nameboard. Jim’s brother Jeff, after completing his naval architecture degree, joined the team in the 80s and helped the partners cross over to what is affectionately known in the sailing world as “the dark side” with the introduction of the Nordhavn 46. The rest of the story is bottom lined by mentioning the trawler manufacturer that has built more trawlers, more models, made more ocean crossings, completed more circumnavigations... and the compass needle only points to Nordhavn. Yes, there are other quality ocean crossing fiberglass trawlers, but Nordhavn holds the records on numbers for sales and aggregate miles. For a more detailed history, read YF's review of the Nordhavn 55.
For many cruisers, a trawler is the ideal yacht. It combines the features of comfort, safety, ease of handling and sea-kindliness, whether long range or simply a weekend outing. Tradition plays a major part in trawler design, for these vessels are patterned after a tried and true formula of centuries. While they may not complete visually -- for some yachting aficionados -- with the ever-sleeker trend in race-boat speed and cat’s-eye windows; for stability, toughness, and brawny good looks, their beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Welcome to Nordhavn’s hunky and handsome 55.
Nordhavn delivered the third unit in the N80 line to its owners around Thanksgiving 2023 and the yard recently released photos showcasing the interior of this particular vessel. The yacht was christened "Lady DI II" and is the owner's second Nordhavan. It is the first N80 featuring an interior by the Vripack studio. Aesthetics aside, the boat is said to be a mechanical masterpiece, providing a seamless blend of modern convenience with Nordhavn simplicity and redundancy. The electrical and engineering group at Nordhavn worked overtime on LADY DI II during her maiden voyage, a 10-day trip to Puerto Escondido.
Nordhavn has just unveiled the design for their latest undertaking. It is called the N112 and as the model name suggests it is a 34-meter yacht in the region of 112-feet. The rationale behind the new design according to Chief of Design Jeff Leishman is to offer all the amenities but with the advantage of manageability. Nordhavn's largest boat was the N120, the first of which was a vessel called "Aurora", which might be too much yacht for owners who want to step up from the N96. The N112 is the perfect bridge-gap for owners who want to step down in size from another boat as well.
Since delivery of the second Nordhavn N80 (N8002) "ourtheory" the yard has released interior images of the finished product. We knew from the start that the interior of hull 2 would be vastly different from that of the first hull but Nordhavn is now officially affording a view to the interior of the newest N80. The interior was designed by James Glover who was tasked to create an internal aesthetic that mirrored that of the owner's residence in Southern California.
Earlier this year year YF alerted you to the 2nd hull in the N80 series arriving at Dana Point, CA after being offloaded from a Heavy Lift freighter in Ensenada, MX. That was in February, fast forward to June and that same boat has been christened "ourtheory" and delivered to her owners. The owners initially didn't have 'a theory' on which Nordhavn boat they wanted. They showed distinct interest in the N55, N72, and then back to the N55 but ultimately they settled on the N80.
Remember in late 2022 we informed you about a new Nordhavn N96 that was in transit stateside and expected to be delivered to its owners in early 2023? That N96 with the Rascal Blue hull is now completed and delivered and Nordhavn is now offering a glimpse into the completed product. That vessel has now been christened with the name "New Journey".
Nordhavn is currently building a yacht that in-it-self is very normal for this yard. However, this particular vessel is a MotorSailer which is one of those models that Nordhavn does not regularly build. In fact, this hull that was recently released from the mold is one of less than 12 motoryachts with a mast built by Nordhavn. It represents the first N56 MotorSailer to be build in a decade.
Yesterday, Nordhavn announced the launching of their latest hull in the N68 line, hull N6841. After rolling out of the shed at Ta-Shing and then being transported on the road to the quay for launch, the vessel successfully made it into the water. The vessel is destined for British owners and as a result the yacht will head to Southampton at Nordhavn Europe for commissioning before delivery to her owners.
Nordhavn has a model in its vast line-up to suit the size, needs, and style of pretty much any customer who is into the trawler-expedition market. They also continually refresh their range by adding new models or updating current specimens. Recently, the yard brought forth the N41, N51, N71 and N80 to the market. We do not have to tell you about the market reception of the N41. As an entry-level boat in the Nordhavn line-up it has sold very well, however this article is a closer look at a recent delivery of a Nordhavn N68, the N6837.
Nordhavn is ramping up prep and construction work on the new models they recently announced in the last 2 years. The N41 entry-level passagemaker made it to market and has delivered at least 10 units to customers while the other new boats, the N71 and N51 have started mold work and are being readied for actual construction. The N71 hull mold is actually completed and that is moving on to full construction while Nordhavn says they have actively started build on the new N51. Hull #1 is currently in the initial lamination stage with the outermost layer of the boat now completed. Built at Telgeren & Partners yacht yard in Turkey, crews will continue to work on the inaugural hull, which will remain in the mold the next two weeks for completion of lamination and the addition of the hull stringers.
On March 17th, Nordhavn announced two new models, the N625 and the N71. The N625 is seen here: . The N71 is a modern option for those owners and buyers in the 65-75-foot market. There has always been a thrust on the part of Nordhavn to keep their model line-up fresh and by listening to customer feedback this helps guide the implementation of new features on new models too. The N71 is partly a result of this but it is also a new boat entirely, in fact it is a new hull according to the yard.