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Nobiskrug Yachts started operations in 1905, and since that time has delivered more than 700 new ships and numerous converted vessels, making the Rendsburg area a leading center for shipbuilding and yacht repair. Nobiskrug yachts is a company of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG since January 2005. Nobiskrug is a forward-looking company with more than 400 highly skilled employees with expertise in cutting-edge technology and innovation in yacht building, shipbuilding, and ship conversion and repair. Nobiskrug's Land Division features light-metal manufacturing, steel construction and interior finishing services. With a proud tradition of more than 90 years in the shipbuilding business, Nobiskrug is respected by customers around the world. With two building berths, two dry docks (one of which is covered), purpose-equipped workshops, fitting-out quays spanning some 400 meters, and state-of-the-art crane facilities, Nobiskrug is able to build, repair and convert yachts of practically every type. Nobiskrug is logistically well located in Rendsburg, on the Kiel Canal, which is probably the world’s most frequented shipping channel, being the indispensable link between the North European and Atlantic approaches to the Baltic Sea. The name "Nobiskrug" is taken from the ancient land register designation for the site on which the shipyard is located. In mythology, "Nobiskrug" means the last stop in this world on the way to the next. Linguists and historians categorize "Nobiskrug" as a name used in northern Germany for taverns, inns and public houses.
Vripack has released the design concept for a new hybrid 56-meter superyacht intended for German yard Nobiskrug. One of the interesting features of the vessel is the hybrid technology involved but designed from a standpoint that keeps design and owner in mind. The hybrid yacht features a technically innovative propulsion system that has been developed specifically for this concept.The LOA is 56-meters with a beam of 9.20-meters and a draft of 2.25-meters. Construction would be in steel for the hull and aluminium for the superstructure. Vripack has designed interior, exterior, Naval Architecture and other engineering aspects.
"Sycara V" superyacht was built for an experienced repeat client with interesting taste. The yacht has a design by Nobiskrug and interior by Pure Detail which was done to exacting detail. The 68-meter yacht appears to be a couple meters larger than she really is, but this illusion is thanks to the clever lines Nobiskrug incorporated to keep your eye busy. The steel displacement ocean-crossing superyacht was delivered to her owner in September of 2010 and has been a fixture in marinas around the world ever since. Accommodation onboard is varied but the owner has his area in a non-traditional place.
The 73-meter superyacht christened as "Odessa II" started out build life at Abu Dhabi Mar Kiel and then was completed by Nobiskrug for her owner. The design is by Focus Yacht while the quite elegant interior has been formulated by H2 Yacht design. It was fashioned to echo a New Hamptons style that was comfortable for the owner and family to enjoy. Hull 423 as she was known as at the time of construction was built with a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. The hull was built at HDW –at the time- and represents a familiar hull platform. We have seen a similar hull completed as superyacht “Plan B”. Odessa II although at 73-meters offers a quite a bit of room for her owner and guests.
German builder Nobiskrug has built several yachts to-date and one of their builds sails around with the name "Mogambo". This yacht is a slight evolution of the "Triple Seven" platform and just looking at her will confirm this but she has stylistic appeal on her own too. Forget the familiar lines, her grey and white paint work is echoed on many other yachts around the world but she has a distinctive grey splash on her superstructure that no other yacht can claim and this makes her very easy to distinguish in her current state. Built in 2012 by Nobiskrug as hull #782, Mogambo has both interior and exterior design by Reymond Langton Design.
'Black Shark' is the project name of a 77-meter superyacht presently under construction at German yard Nobiskrug. The vessel was supposed to be one of the more transparent projects that the yard has built in terms of provision of information and renderings to the industry. Usually, it is the other way around where information is withheld. True to their word, the yard has provided exterior renderings of what the vessel should look like when completed and we have seen bare-metal photos of the hull being transported. Now we get to glimpse what the interior and deck spaces should look like too.
Further new build activity has been seen by custom German builder Nobiskrug. The 70-meter Project 795 has been seen as the 'Next Nobiskrug' under tow enroute to the outfitting facilities at Nobiskrug. This vessel has been under construction since the keel was laid in 2019. Construction is expected to continue until it is completed in 2021. After the yard's last delivery, the 80-meter "Artefact", this 70-meter build is more down a normal design path.
Probably one of Nobiskrug's most publicized builds in recent years, the 77-meter superyacht being built known as project 'Black Shark' is progressing well. Having had her superstructure mated with the hull just a few months ago, the vessel has taken to the water and was towed to final facilities where outfitting and finishing works can get underway.
German yard Nobiskrug has launched their newest superyacht to the world. She has been known as hull 790 under construction or Project 'Artefact'. However, her final name is "Artefact" as well. After approximately 18-months under construction, the new archaeological find was finally unearthed for the world to see. Designed by Gregory Marshall on the exterior and Reymond Langton on the interior, this vessel brings a totally new perspective on aesthetic design.