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Heesen Yachts is located in Oss, Netherlands. Heesen Shipyards has the distinction of being the first Dutch builder to construct aluminum hulls for yachts. Adding to firsts, a Heesen/Diaship yacht was the first megayacht to surpass 50 knots. Heesen also has the distinction of building the four fastest megayachts. Unique lines, combined with high tech and traditional craftsmanship, characterize the Heesen yacht fleet. From 115 feet to 213 feet in length, Heesen builds displacement, semi-displacement, and performance styled yachts. Heesen was founded in 1978, when Frans Heesen bought the shipyard in Oss, Netherlands. Originally purchased to accommodate his plastics company, he was persuaded to let boat-building operations continue around the shipyard. Soon thereafter, the yard was commissioned to build 4 aluminum yachts, which marked the start of an unprecedented growth period for Heesen. Since then, the yard has produced more than 100 yachts, with many of them being among the most notable yachts afloat, including “Octopussy”, which was a break through for Heesen and the yachting community when this megayacht surpassed 50 knots. Built in accordance with the latest nautical thinking, equipped with state-of-the-art control, navigation and communications technology, fitted with powerful, safe engines, and furnished with every conceivable luxury and comfort, each yacht gives new meaning to the concept of 'custom-built'. No two yachts from Heesen Yachts are alike. Each ship is the realization of a private dream. And it is in the realization of those dreams that the shipyard finds its ongoing challenge.
In the clichéd terminology of small ship and expedition vessels, the Moonen 100 Explorer sets a new standard of understated elegance with a yacht that seems simplistically contemporary in her motoryacht persona, yet offers the robust underbody to voyage anywhere in confidence. One would expect no less from Moonen which has provided pedigree of builder, naval architect, designer, and owner to create this cosmic beauty with global aspirations.
Boasting a pedigree that affirms her Dutch builder’s innate facility for order, detail and fine design, Moonen’s new 124’ Trideck “Northlander” flaunts high style with near-ballet poise; a picture-perfect completeness, certain to attract admiring praise. And my, what a pretty yacht she is. At first glance; Elegant. Clean and crisp. Inside, look for more unexpected creativity. She adds an ultra-modern exclamation mark to her “typical Moonen” lineage; joining an exclusive “club” which features outstanding, award-winning quality. Yet, so far has limited its production to only three or four excellent yachts per year. Since 1981, that includes some 75 yachts up to 124’ – cruisers, explorers, fast yachts and displacement yachts, in both steel and aluminum.
She moves in beauty, like pure sunlight; without flaunting an over-abundant splash or fanfare, yet boasting her unmistakably sophisticated air. Tiptoeing nimbly into the world market, Moonen Shipyard's new 97' Sofia II (its 75th build) presents a fresh measure of elegance into the semi-custom 74’ / 125’ yachting arena. Sofia II; she is certain to be welcomed by the exclusive coterie of yacht owners who appreciate the foremost in yacht design as well as the highest quality construction. Her bright, happy aura is well deserved. The second in its brand-new line of 97-foot, steel-hulled displacement cruisers, she follows the motoryacht Darsea, her predecessor, with added room and other innovations. She will be recognized, the yard expects, by repeat Moonen owners who are already aware of the first-class design, construction, and awards the builder has garnered in its inventive history. Those include 17 International Awards for design, interior, and innovation of superlative products. Four of those trophies were the very top World Awards for their size and type; an admirable record for a mere 27-year undertaking. This new Rene’ van der Velden design, a steel-hull, round-bilge beauty, offers wide range with comfort and scope, plus at-anchor stabilization. Her bright, happy presence promises many fine yachting experiences.
Moonen Yachts 94' “Nilo”A Summer House of Sculpted Sealium by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy “A summer house” is perhaps the perfect pretext for building a 94’ yacht, to fulfill the yearning for a world-wide view from a different perspective. A summer sea-house grants the ultimate escape from land-bound worldly cares, unveiling its brand new seascape view each morning, far removed from the humdrum, the ordinary. This owner searched for “Sun, sea, and summer.” Moonen fulfilled his dream with Nilo. A production yacht, yes, Nilo is the first in a proposed series, but what follows here is a blueprint design which alters that impression of sameness: With in-design thought, creativity, and the escapist theme, Nilo, from the Dutch yard in Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, has achieved a class by herself. Based on the success of its Moonen 84 (8 sold since 2001), the builder entered into its “Fast Yacht” concept with this new model, which was prompted by customers seeking slight variations. Some wanted a yacht with equivalent accommodations, yet lighter and capable of higher speeds. But there was more to this equation:
A Moonen Martinique that is currently under construction has been recently sold to United States owners. The yacht in question is the third Moonen Martinique of their Caribbean series with build number YN200. The 36.3-meter vessel will soon be mated with its superstructure in time for fit-out to continue until launching and then subsequent delivery by the end of 2021. The owners are actually experienced and repeat Moonen customers having operated a Moonen 84 prior.
Dutch builder Moonen Shipyard has found an owner for the in-build second unit of the Moonen Martinique model. As many will know, the second unit was started on speculation but has found an owner in the Middle East. YN199 as she is currently referred to at the yard will launch in August in time for delivery in October 2020. The design is by Rene van der Velden with an interior by Studio Indigo. The owner loves the interior facets of this model as well as the space afforded on this type of platform.
The second hull in Moonen's Martinique series is continuing construction and is expected to be completed by the Summer of 2020. The superstructure and hull are already mated and the Rene van der Velden design is coming together. Being built under yard number YN199 the yacht feature Naval Architecture by Diana Yacht Design. The interior is being brought to life by Studio Indigo so expect sophisticated chic internal spaces.
Dutch yacht builder Moonen Yachts has a collection of yachts called the Moonen Caribbean Series and we have seen one of them called "Bijoux" (Matica) built and sailing around already and a Martinique model under construction. The series encompasses yachts from about 30-meters all the way up to 50-meters and the 'Monito' is the largest of them at 49.50-meters LOA.
Dutch builder Moonen Yachts handed over the 30-meter "Bijoux" to their owner a couple of days ago. The grey-hulled luxury yacht was built under Moonen's Caribbean series and is the first in that line. Now that she is in the hands of her new owner, they plan to take her to Malta as part of getting acquainted with the yacht. Rene van der Velden has been responsible for the yacht's exterior while the Adam Lay Studio did the interior.
It is well known that financial problems struck the Dutch pocket-yacht builder Moonen causing them to shut-down operations. Great news now fills the air with the formal announcement on November 20th that the yard has resumed work. The Moonen 'Matica' is part of the Moonen Caribbean range of yachts the yard announced nearly 2 years ago. The 'Martinique' hull is also well advanced and is reportedly 90-percent completed and is presently up for sale. Any one can have her and still make interior alterations and have her delivered by the Spring of 2017.