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Lurssen Yachts was originally founded by Friedrich Lurssen in 1875. Several generations later, Lurrsen is managed by two cousins, Friedrich and Peter Lurssen, who have successfully crossed-plat formed Lurssen’s military shipbuilding expertise into one of the premiere luxury yacht manufacturers in the world. A family owned business for many generations, they are involved in every step of the construction with a goal of customer satisfaction through the entire manufacturing process. What Friedrich Lurssen originally envisioned over 130 years ago, along with Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, continues today in the production of Lurssen yachts. Lurssen is headquartered in Bremen-Vegesack, Germany and uses a combination of shipyards and worldwide connections to achieve their end results. Lurssen has the distinction of building the world’s first motorboat, the first diesel engine boat and the first remote-controlled boat. Lurssen’s shipyards is an expansive facility with a total area of 350,000 sq. meters, of which 150,000 sq. meters is covered. With 70,000 sq. meters of air-conditioned facilities, linked by an inter-connecting 2500 ton travel lift… over 1500 meters of structural assembly can be completed at any one time. Lurssen’s in-water capability offers over 700 meters of deep quays. A variety of manufacturing technologies govern Lurrsen yacht building, and Lurssen achieved ISO 9001 certification by 1994. That same quality has been the premise behind more than more than 13,000 vessels since 1875. Lurssen has built some of the most magnificent yachts in history including, the 319’ Carinthia VII, the 315’ Limitless, the 377’ Pelorus, and the 414’ Octopus. Lurssen has won many awards, with the most recent being the 2004 International Superyacht Design Award for “Pelorus”, in the best power 43m plus category.
Ester III, delivered by Lürssen in 2014, is a sleek 66-metre yacht that combines a truly authentic, classic interior and unusual deck layout with a distinct and masculine external profile. Lürssen comments: “Two world-leading design studios, each adding unique ingredients to the successful recipe, together with a number of Owner-commissioned artisans, have allowed us the opportunity to create a truly unique vessel that opens the eyes to new possibilities in designing spaces for living. Combined with the Lürssen engineering and expertise, the end result is a superyacht that will provide decades of seaworthy enjoyment with an authentic feel”.
Lurssen Yachts recently celebrated 140 years of producing exceptional custom yachts at seven yards in northern Germany. It takes state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled workforce of 1800 to produce such awardwinning beauties as Limitless, Peloris, Rising Sun, Ice, and Dilbar. Lurssen’s latest launches are Orchid, Omar, and Dilbar III. Yet Kismet is “the cat’s meow!”
Lurssen's 180m Superyacht 'Azzam'The World's Largest Yacht! On April 5th, 2013 Lürssen Yachts launched the World's Largest Yacht, the 180-meter project 'AZZAM'. An industry leader in superyacht construction, the German shipyard has launched many of the world's largest, most notable builds including the 115-meter Pelorus, the 147-meter Topaz and the 138-meter Rising Sun. Under the guidance of Eng. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi, the technical engineering was developed by Lürssen, the exterior design by Nauta Yachts and the interior design by Christophe Leoni to create what would become the most complex and challenging yacht ever been built. Ahbabi assembled and oversaw a world-class team for the project. Under his leadership, the overall requirements for general layout, size and performance and exterior style were developed. His brief was to build a large luxury yacht with an innovative and timeless design that would be able to travel at high speed in warm and shallow waters while providing luxurious and sophisticated accommodation to its guests.
Lurssen 247’ "Northern Star"Cruising into the Cold Blue Yonder by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy Lurssen launches yet another of its strikingly-designed, strong and sea-worthy mega-yachts, catering to its owners’ needs for sea-going originality in comfort and style. Sporting ample room to indulge their passion for fine arts and literature, yes, even with extended cruises in northern climes. Comfort and capability live here. Adept use of color and placement -- certainly demanding requirements in these owners’ literary and fine arts -- define restful areas throughout the ship’s multiple decks, with deep, welcoming couches, foot stools, plush seating, fine dining. Plus, a handy bar for afternoon and evening libations, indoors and out on the northern bounding main. Cleverly shaded from the afternoon glare or heat with triangular awnings, awaiting the evening’s charm, Northern Star is a satisfying way to celebrate friendly, glorious sunsets. Owners and charterers alike will appreciate the thoughtfulness designed into this beauty.
Lurssen, with a proud history dating back nearly 135 years, launching thousands of vessels, from sailing dinghies to full-blown battleships, proudly unveils another of its stand-apart innovations. A unique personality in herself, perhaps recalling memorable adventures; she brings fresh, new concepts to the world’s super-yacht sorority. Every Super-Yacht glitters with its own particular personality, flaunting before the world a special image; an ‘oeuvre’ – like an artist’s handiwork – to display its one-of-a-kind grandeur. Yet even in that hall of fantasy, a unique few rise above the crowd, displaying extraordinary creativity in design and engineering; a signature of excellence. Introducing Madsummer, a veritable candy-store of super-yacht confection.
“Opulence” is a measure of status, especially in the yachting community, and, paired with excellent taste, often defines the character/impression of the yacht itself, as well as its designers, builders, and owners. Rarely, even the highest standards are exceeded; surpassed by the superiority of a new introduction. Yet, given the hallowed heights reached by Lurssen’s 68.15-m Kismet, the loftiest adjectives are, perhaps, inadequate. To call her... impressive, is simply the grandest understatement.
Lurssen's 238' "Queen M"Royalty Arrives... by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy Royalty, when it arrives, eclipses every star presentation that has gone before; And this certainly holds true with Lurssen’s latest unveiling of its superlative 238’ superyacht. The Queen is in attendance!
German custom superyacht builder Lurssen has launched their latest superyacht in the form of the 82-meter Project 'Cali'. This yacht is a fairly secretive project launching with minimal information about it. Here is what we know so far. The vessel is 82-meters long with an overall beam of 12.5-meters and a comfortable 3.5-meter draft. The following photos are by Tom VanOssanen.
German custom superyacht manufacturer Lurssen launched another yacht. A few days ago we published the launch of their 145-meter Project Luminance but at the same time the yard was also preparing to launch the 90-meter Project 1601. That yacht launched the day after creating 2 launches for the yard in 2 days. The design of Project 1601 is also by the Monaco-based Espen Oeino while the interior is from the German-based Dölker & Voges Design. This 90-meter project is the replacement for the 71-meter "Skat" but likely won't be called Skat upon completion. "Norn" is the name being floated around at present.
The 146-meter superyacht "OPERA" has been launched to the water by Lurssen. The name may sound familiar as this was the project name being utilized in the last few years. It is believed that OPERA is the rebuilt superyacht from the catastrophic 2018 fire of what was then known as project 'Sassi'. We last had a glimpse of this vessel over a year ago where the bare-metal vessel moved into the floating drydock for finishing. Superyacht video enthusiast Drduu was on site for the launch and took the following image after the launch.
German custom superyacht builder Lurssen has announced the launching of their latest superyacht, the 115.1-meter Project 'ENZO'. Not alot is known about this vessel other than what the builder has released to the public. Here is what we know so far about the 380-foot superyacht. Her design inside and out is by Nuvolari and Lenard and the vessel has been built for a repeat client of the Lurssen yard. With many design elements and cues reminiscent of a previous 88-meter Lurssen build, it is not far-fetched to deduce who commissioned this new project.
One of the smallest superyachts Lurssen built since 1995 has been launched in Germany. The 55-meter Project 13800 also known as Project 'Moon Sand' is a 55-meter superyacht. For some builders this is a big vessel, for Lurssen it is just about the smallest they build, at least in 25 years. The design is by Bannenberg & Rowell Below we get a glimpse of this vessel in a photo taken by Klaus Jordan/Lurssen. "We are excited to see 13800 emerge from her shed. The initial concept was influenced by our studies based on the classic yacht "Carinthia VI", designed by Bannenberg Snr, and built by Lürssen in 1973", says Dickie Bannenberg.
With the 110-meter "KAOS" having arrived in the Caribbean after crossing the Atlantic from Gibraltar and previously from Lurssen's Blohn + Voss' facility she is set to enjoy the winter months in the region with her new owners. KAOS was built as "Jubilee" in 2017 by Dutch yard Oceanco but new owners since then purchased her and then she underwent significant refit at Lurssen's Blohm + Voss from March 2019 until a few weeks ago. Much of the work was actually carried out on the interior where over 1,500 square meters of interior was redone to the current owner's taste. The exterior too has seen some modification. The original paint scheme is still in tact but exterior modification work can be clearly seen at the aft end of the vessel where Lurssen worked on the main deck and bridge deck aft with styling by Sam Sorgiovanni, integrated into the yacht’s original design. The foredeck was also resurfaced with teak Remember the yacht's original exterior design was by Lobanov Designs.
It is not often that we get to see a project from German custom superyacht builder Lurssen that is in the 50 to 55-meter range. One such project is currently in the works and well-underway in its construction. We are talking about Project 13800, a 54-meter superyacht with design by Banenberg & Rowell inside and out. The last time we saw a vessel built by Lurssen at this size bracket was in the mid-90s.
Another large custom superyacht is coming from Lurssen. The German custom superyacht builder announced today on the opening day of the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), the existence of a new 125-meter superyacht code-named "Jag". The project name and general design of the yacht hints at who the owner possibly is, think JAGuars.
The next "Northern Star" will again come from German custom superyacht builder Lurssen and is being built for a serial and very experienced yacht owner. The client has built and owned several yachts in the past and affixed the name Northern Star to them. As a passionate sailor he loves the ocean and likes to traverse them either by sailyacht or motoryacht which would explain his ownership of both sail and motoryachts. Now the longstanding relationship between owner and Lurssen is set to continue with the current build of the new Northern Star.
Another new project starts life at the prestigious German shipyard Lurssen. This time it is not a gargantuan 100-meter plus yacht it is actually quite small for what we have come to note as is normal for the yard. The yard confirms it is a 53.90-meter superyacht with the project name 'Moon Sand' or project 13800. Yes Lurssen builds alot of large superyachts and it is easy to forget that they can build any custom yacht even if it is smaller than their usual large size pedigree.
Lurssen has launched their latest custom built superyacht, "TIS"...previously known as project 'TIS'. The 111-meter luxury yacht stands six decks and comes with a full owners deck, two helipads (one on the bow and one on the upper aft deck), a large swimming pool measuring 12-meters, resort-style spa onboard, numerous tenders described to be a pair of 13-meter guest, two 10-meter craft, a submarine and a plethora of personal water toys and craft. Below photos are by Tom van Ossanen.
German custom superyacht manufacturer Lurssen has announced that their large superyacht the 136-meter (446.2-foot) Project 'SHU' has ended its sea trials in the Baltic Sea and will be soon ready for delivery. Espen Oeino was responsible for formulating the exterior lines of this massive yacht while Mark Berryman brought the interior to life with their concept for the owner. This highly voluminous superyacht has staggering dimensions and at nearly 450-feet long, project SHU is also pretty beamy, with a maximum width of 20.50-meters or around 67.2-feet!
Designed by H2 Yacht Design (exterior) and March and White (interior), the 123-meter superyacht "Al Lusail" was recently delivered and left Lurssen's build facilities. She is now located in Norway, to be specific Kristiansand which is a popular area for superyachts to travel to after delivery from European yards. The 406-foot superyacht was built under codename 'Jupiter' and has now been named Al Lusail, after a new city in Qatar. She also flies the Qatari flag from her stern. First photo by Jan Oddvar Eide.
German custom superyacht builder Lurssen is having a very busy period with them announcing the launch of yet another superyacht from their facilities. The latest yacht launched yesterday, the 10th of April and is the much anticipated 85-meter build code-named 'Sasha'. Winch Designs is responsible for the very sleek exterior design which runs sweeping lines from bow to stern that help to easily hide Project Sasha's large 85-meter frame. The interior is also by the Winch firm which Lurssen describes as been traditional but fresh!
German custom superyacht manufacturer Lurssen launched another large superyacht this morning at their facilities. This time it is the 120-meter (plus) superyacht known under the build name; Project 'Thunder'. Her exact length is not known but Lurssen commented that the craft is above 120-meters. Many sites that she may well be in the region of 135-meters but Lurssen has yet to confirm that. Another facet that has been swirling around is that she was designed by Espen Oeino and the yard has confirmed that in their press release.