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Johnson Yachts Co. LTD is one of the few Taiwan shipyards that exclusively build for themselves. A family owned business for over twenty years, they build motor yachts ranging in size from 50'-87' and have had multiple launches worldwide. Johnson Yachts has been quite extensively involved in the creation of the 87' RPH Johnson Motor Yacht. With headquarters in the yachting capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the first 87' Johnson was delivered to the Mediterranean in 2001. As of 2005, they have delivered seven yachts with more on the way. Johnson Yachts Co. LTD is expanding there facilities in Taiwan to meet the demanding requirements of building yachts. Johnson Yachts is starting new builds every three months, but being a semi-custom yacht builder, the yachts are all unique and are built to their clients requirements.
Johnson Yachts has added another model to its lineup for potential customers to order. The new model is the Johnson Yachts 110 Skylounge and that fits snugly between the Johnson 112 and the entry-level Johnson 80. The flagship however, is a 35-meter 115-foot hull which offers a diverse appearance compared to the new 110 Skylounge. The exterior on the 110 Skylounge was designed by Bill Dixon of Bill Dixon Yacht Design.
Last year YF told you about a Johnson 80 unit was under construction by the Taiwanese yard. That same yacht has now been delivered to its owner. The 24.1-meter (79.8-foot) vessel will be a unique build to the owner even though the yard has built 8 units previous to this. The interiors are by Karen Lynn Interiors with an exterior by Dixon Yacht Design.
The shipyard in Taiwan of Johnson Yachts has started construction on the new Johnson 70 'entry-level superyacht' (as they term it). Released photos showcase the hull in an advanced stage. The images come after the yard released some details about the new J70 as well as a 115-foot project at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) in 2018.
Johnson Yachts used the 2018 edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) to officially unveil renderings of their upcoming flagship, the Johnson 35-meter. At the end of August YF alerted you to the existence of a new design but the yard was fairly tight-lipped about it offering only one glimpse that really was a darkened silhouette to serve as a teaser. They did say then that they were waiting until the FLIBS for the official reveal. Now that FLIBS is ongoing we can bring to you official renders of their flagship.
Another Taiwanese based yard Johnson Yachts has their build cycle going. Johnson Yachts is presently working on the latest Johnson 80 motoryacht. This one is the ninth unit in that particular series from the builder. You will find exterior lines by Dixon Yacht Design and interior design work by Karen Lynn Interior Design.
Taiwanese-based yard Johnson Yachts is teasing the public with a design that is destined to become their flagship. Many details of the new 35-meter (115-foot) trideck motoryacht are not available because the yard is waiting until the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) to unveil it officially and ride the increased media consumption at that show. It will be their first true trideck luxury yacht and largest vessel overall superseding the 2018 delivered "Mitan" a Johnson 112 (34.13M). The company has released this darkened silhouetted image of the new flagship.
The largest Johnson yacht to date has finally been delivered to her American owner. The Johnson 112 is named "Mitan" and now represents the company's flagship. This yacht started construction on speculation and luckily picked up an owner later in the build process. The design lines you see on the exterior are by Dixon Yacht Design. She was expected to be handed over in late January or early February but it appears she was delivered in mid-April.
Johnson Yachts recently launched their flagship Johnson 112. The all-GRP made luxury yacht showcases design by Dixon Yacht Design. The 34-meter yacht was launched in Taiwan at the yard's Kaohsiung facility and is expected to be handed over to her owner in early 2018. A top speed of 23-knots should be realized with her pair of CAT 1,925 horse power engines. The speed will be confirmed once sea trials have been completed.
The first hull in the Johnson 93 line has been launched in Taiwan. Look out for this particular hull in the U.S later in the year. That's because it will make its world debut at the 2016 edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). There is a unique chance for you to own her because there is no owner in the loop as yet -she was built on spec-.