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ISA Yachts is an acronym for International Shipyards Ancona, which was formed by the Rodriguez Group, a publicly traded yachting conglomerate, to manufacture a new line of yachts. Thus ISA was born. Currently, ISA has delivered two 153’ yachts, with several more on order. Another addition to the line will follow shortly, with the ISA 120’, a water jet driven mega yacht with some of the same design elements that has made their larger yacht such a grand success. Located in Ancona, Italy, ISA Yachts is managed by Gianluca Fenucci and Marcello Maggi. They oversee a workforce of 110 people, that are highly educated and bring years of yacht building skills to the group. The management team has worked together for over 20 years prior to forming ISA, which would be expected given the level of complexity necessary to bring a totally new yacht to the market and quickly establish themselves among the world’s best yacht builders.
The Concept of ISA's Yara 44 is the result of a cooperation between ISA Yachts, Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. The result is a spectacular, fast displacement 44-meter motor mega yacht.
The 50-meter ISA superyacht “Papi du Papi” Italian yacht builder International Shipyards of Ancona, popularly known as ISA Yachts launched its second 50-meter superyacht last year, ISA 500 christened as “Papi du Papi”. This yacht is built on a steel hull with aluminium superstructure bred to take on the deep blue on her own bottom. Her design is distinctly ISA to those who are familiar to this Italian yard’s style. The exterior lines were pencilled by Andrea Vallicelli for ISA while the warm tropical interior was done by Francesco Paszkowski. Not surprising taking into consideration the area of the world owners the are from.
First impressions often tell a lasting story. This one-of-a-kind yacht lures us with her winsome exterior glow; a pearlescent, robin’s egg blue. High gloss emerald, far removed from standard megayachts gowned in white, she steps elegantly out from the crowd. However, that first glance becomes a promise. While most yachts follow a single theme – this proud lady presents a list of exotic, visionary sojourns with panoramic décor, plus… her clever obsession with the lucky number seven. As the 7th project from ISA; the 7th steel & aluminum yacht in its series; she features 7 individual excursions – Old English, Oriental, Marrakech, Kremlin, Empire, Modern, Tsar – a 7th level mind-travel through world destinations; Europe, Persia, Africa, East to West, the 7 Seas, all within the boundaries of her decor. Planned as the 7th of a series, the owner’s preferences made her one of a kind. Built in Italy for a Russian owner, she reaches far beyond national boundaries with a Gulliver’s Travels collection of destinations, materials, color and fabrics. Russia’s megayacht concourse, less than 10 years extant, has grown.
ISA 156'Stairway to Heaven... International Shipyards Ancona & Rodriguez Group have created a signature line of yachts with the ISA 156' and soon to be launched ISA 120'. The following is a photo documentary tour of a yacht so distinct, the thought of climbing stairs will put a smile on your face. This side shot illustrates the "sportyacht" image ISA has captured with the integrated radar arch, which is remeniscent of an offshore performance boat...
ISA is the latest Italian yard to launch a new superyacht. This time it is the 65-meter superyacht "Resilience". The 1,400 GT superyacht takes its design from the folks over at Team For Design headed by Enrico Gobbi. This yacht once completed will actually make her world debut at the 2021 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). Palumbo Superyachts, who now runs the ISA brand is immensely proud with how the build turned out and the owner had deep input into the process of the build. In fact, the name of the yacht stems from the resilience the yard and the owner and family displayed as part of build happened throughout the covid-19 pandemic.
Today ISA Yachts announced the launching of the first Super Sportivo 100-foot GTO yacht. The vessel is now in the water and will be prepared for further testing and finishing. It will then make its debut at the next Cannes Yachting Festival which is scheduled to be this September. The Naval Engineering has been done by Palumbo Superyachts while both the exterior and interior design is by Marco Casali (Too Design). Just looking at this vessel it screams sleekness and performance and the Super Sportivo 100-foot GTO is not short on this.
Today Palumbo Superyachts brand ISA unveiled the design for the 'Ayrton' line of yachts. Yes, line because there are three models proposed by the yard. The designs are by Enrico Gobbi of Team for Design and encompass 50, 63 and 70-meter models. The Naval engineering is by Palumbo Superyachts. This article will be focused on the middle model, the Ayrton 63.
Since the ISA yard was acquired by the Palumbo Group larger superyachts have been on offer from this builder. The Continental 80 is one of them and as the model name suggests, it is an 80-meter superyacht. This vessel has now started construction and is for sale therefore it is a speculation project at this stage. The very sleek and proportionate design has been fashioned by Team 4 Design and is expected to be completed by 2023.
Outfitting has commenced in earnest on the first ISA 45 GT. The Italian builder is working with Enrico Gobbi of Team For Design on the exterior design. Hull 1 of the 45 GT line will have an interior by Luca Dini who utilizes light Oak, bleached teak, and modern materials such as carbon fiber, steel, and glass for varying degrees of reflectiveness and looks. The internal volume for this vessel should allow for pretty comfortable living.
The second hull in the Gran Turismo 45 series from ISA has been sold and now has an owner. The exterior design of this vessel is by Team For Design and an interior by Luca Dini. The interior is a course in contemporary design with use of natural materials and even space and aerospace trimmings like carbon accents.