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In 1970, Cindy and Buddy Purcell (FPH Granddaughter) entered the Huckins scene. Cindy starting in the stock room and Buddy starting as a painter. With the guidance of Kenneth Archibald and George Pillsbury they have been able to successfully bring Huckins into modern day boat building. Today, Huckins has kept pace with technology without sacrificing tradition. Huckins made the switch from wood construction to fiberglass composite construction in 1975. According to Buddy Purcell, the move was inspired primarily by client demand, however these also offered distinct engineering advantages. Since the 1970’s Huckins has introduced a number of new models including a widebody design, 60-, 70- and 80-foot sportfishing models and three Kirkline models to name a few. Today, Huckins Yacht Corporation finds itself in an enviable position of having the drawings to be able to recreate its own past, and be able to design its own future on the same basis. The last twenty-five years have tested Huckins Yacht Corporation, but today the small custom yacht builder as well as the caretaker of a fleet that is passing into the hands of young, new owners, is in business as strong as ever.
Huckins Yachts drew from past experience as well as past inspiration when they developed the Huckins Sportsman 38. The only difference to this nod-to-the-past is the construction materials used and the ability to be hybrid as well as the option to be outboard powered or with onboard Cummins power. The yard's idea to pull on design cues and lines that were popular back in the '30s makes this modern interpretation on the water much more valued.