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Heesen Yachts is located in Oss, Netherlands. Heesen Shipyards has the distinction of being the first Dutch builder to construct aluminum hulls for yachts. Adding to firsts, a Heesen/Diaship yacht was the first megayacht to surpass 50 knots. Heesen also has the distinction of building the four fastest megayachts. Unique lines, combined with high tech and traditional craftsmanship, characterize the Heesen yacht fleet. From 115 feet to 213 feet in length, Heesen builds displacement, semi-displacement, and performance styled yachts. Heesen was founded in 1978, when Frans Heesen bought the shipyard in Oss, Netherlands. Originally purchased to accommodate his plastics company, he was persuaded to let boat-building operations continue around the shipyard. Soon thereafter, the yard was commissioned to build 4 aluminum yachts, which marked the start of an unprecedented growth period for Heesen. Since then, the yard has produced more than 100 yachts, with many of them being among the most notable yachts afloat, including “Octopussy”, which was a break through for Heesen and the yachting community when this megayacht surpassed 50 knots. Built in accordance with the latest nautical thinking, equipped with state-of-the-art control, navigation and communications technology, fitted with powerful, safe engines, and furnished with every conceivable luxury and comfort, each yacht gives new meaning to the concept of 'custom-built'. No two yachts from Heesen Yachts are alike. Each ship is the realization of a private dream. And it is in the realization of those dreams that the shipyard finds its ongoing challenge.
Since Heesen launched the 47-meter yacht dubbed "Ruya" she has been put through her paces in the North Sea and satisfactorily completed sea trials. Her interior is 100 percent complete and therefore she should be ready for delivery. The only issue is that she does not have an owner to be delivered to. Ruya offers a very unique opportunity for a prospective owner to have a Dutch-built luxury yacht that is ready to go with zero wait-time. She is offered for sale at the moment for €27,900,000.
The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) kicked off this morning and one of the first press conferences of the show came from Dutch builder Heesen Yachts and it was about their Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) superyacht Project 'Nova'. Of course Nova is not the first vessel to use the FDHF concept as in 2013 "Galactica Star" debuted the hull form. Since then, yachts like 42-meter steel hull "Alive", 50-meter aluminium hull "Sibelle", and the steel 55-meter "Azamanta" launched and delivered utilizing the same FDHF. Project Nova is a bit different on the performance front than the first hull of the concept -Galactica Star-.
This handsome, aerodynamic hunk, this Man of Steel, he is for real! No make-believe comic book superman caroming off our page; though it’s been sideswiped in the past with a few alterations. Now, a traffic-stopping, steel-hulled specimen crowns Heesen’s art of yacht design. One of the most spectacular images in yachting; we are struck by swooping creativity as She springs into the scene. But wait... (She? Man of...?). Okay, this is too easy: Sure, all yachts are called she, but you name your yacht anything you like; and this stalwart specimen is owned by one genuine guy, who happens to be in the steel industry – (oh, darn, where have all the Superheroes gone?). Steel, of course, plays a major leading roll in this entire drama; her hull and everywhere else. Actually, it’s his second mega-yacht. ‘Nuf said. This yacht, named after a comic book legend, must be a figment of your imagination. But quickly, as the tour unfolds, your rhapsodic perception becomes absorbed into its storybook world.
Identified as one of the most respected names in worldwide yachting, Heesen has become a proven leader in concept, style, and execution... with 129 yachts delivered since 1978. Its latest introduction adheres to that repute, with four elegant decks of custom design, yet sparkling with the capricious whim of its owner. For example, the Sirocco is actually an intense, desiccating south wind that blows up from the Sahara Desert; parched, torrid, a cosmos unto itself, affecting everything in its considerable path. Sirocco’s owner, in deference to that wind’s great power, has named this sleek, waterborne beauty and designed her interior to reflect an anhydrous African heritage. While her grand exterior design identifies her most definitely as a 21st Century luxury ocean yacht, her innermost secrets reveal a tactile African connection; sporting makassar wood, natural stone, leather, marble and wooden floors, all swathed in sultry earth tones.
A long-time advisory for setting sail on any size yacht is: “Weather Permitting.” When Yalla’s skipper, Captain James Hurley checked, the low pressure area – a storm condition on the other side of the English Channel – was supposed to stay there. But we boaters all know, down deep, at some time or another Ol’ Man Weather is just yanking our anchor chains, ready to pounce.
BILMAR MAKES THE GAMES Heesen’s first launch of the year 2004, the 144’ (43.90 meter) yacht will be going to the Olympic Games. Bilmar, launched on February 6th, 2004 and owned by a prominent Greek businessman, will host the VIPs attending the Games. Visitors to the yacht will celebrate in splendor aboard this magnificent vessel. Bilmar, with her flag blue hull, is a full aluminum, semi displacement twin screw motor yacht. She was designed by the Heesen Yachts Design Team and Omega Architects. Her interior was designed by Veta Tsoukala and the owner. On her initial sea trial, she achieved speeds of 29.2 knots with 2 X MTU 16V4000 M90 Engines. Here Bilmar is seen competing in the 44 meter freestyle event... ;)
The newest yacht to splash at Dutch yard Heesen is called Project "ALTEA". It is a 50-meter aluminum superyacht with a design by Frank Laupman and it is for sale! Delivery is expected to happen by June, 2021. The interior is by Cristiano Gatto Design and she will be ready overall for an owner to take delivery of a turn-key superyacht in time for the upcoming Summer period without delay.
Heesen has a number of projects in the works at present and many of them are more advanced than others. 60-meter Project 'Ceres' is one of them that is early in the process. The yacht appears to be a slight evolution of the 55-meter steel series and of course offering a bit more space onboard stretching to concept to 60-meters. Many of the amenities found in the current 55-meter steel line will be found in the 60-meter project Ceres plus more when she completes in 2023.
Heesen has announced the delivery of "Solemates", the 55-meter known under construction as Project 'Castor' or YN 19055. The design by Omega Architects, on the outside will look familiar being family to yachts like "Vida", "Laurentia" and "Azamanta". Internally the 760 GT volume Solemates has been penned by Bannenberg & Rowell.
Dutch yacht builder Hakvoort Yachts has been working on their 45-meter yacht known under project name 'Adur'. The last time YF wrote an article on this project was back in 2018 and now we can report back to with actual construction progress. The all-aluminium yacht is built on a hull designed by Van Ossanen which features a HULL VANE designed to increase fuel efficiency. This is an appendage we have seen before on one of Heesen's previous builds. The exterior design is by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects.
The galactic stars aligned for Dutch builder Heesen yachts as they have bagged the sale of their largest superyacht to date. The 80.07-meter superyacht is expected to be completed in 2022 and be their new flagship. It will also be their largest all-aluminium superyacht to-date and will be built with Van Oossanen's Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF). Expect decent performance out of this sleek beast.
Dutch yard Heesen Yachts announced on the first day of the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) two new projects. One is the 66-meter Project 'Avanti' and the other 83-meter Project 'Maximus'. The former is an actual yacht presently under construction while Maximus is a concept that was basically designed to stir conversation and change the thinking of design. Project Avanti has design in and out by the Winch Studio who was sure to combine a sleek and sporty exterior with a lightfilled interior.
Heesen's sub-500GT 50-meter all-aluminium luxury motoryacht "Home" was recently delivered and left Dutch waters on July 1st. The yacht heading for calmer Mediterranean waters was caught in some rough weather leaving Hellevoetsluis. The yacht is presently enroute to Gibraltar. This quiet hybrid yacht can run on her diesels alone or she can run on electric motors or a mix of both depending on what is needed at the time. At 10-knots in her hybrid mode she only consumes 45 LT per hour and bare in mind this is a 50-meter 499GT yacht.