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Hatteras Yachts is a legend that began on the shores of North Carolina. Willis Slane’s vision became a reality when their first sportsfishing yacht was launched in 1960. Breaking with all tradition, Slane chose a new material – fiberglass – to build the noteworthy yachts that launched an industry. Hatteras produced its first sportfishing yacht in the town of High Point, North Carolina. The response was enthusiastic and the Hatteras legend was born. In a testament to the ruggedness that has become synonymous with Hatteras Yachts, the original and first sportfish yacht they ever produced is still in service today. Within two years of their first launch, Hatteras premiered their first fiberglass motor yacht and the precursor of its cruising yacht line. Additional sportfishing models quickly followed. The market soon demanded larger yachts, and so the Hatteras sportfishing fleet expanded – first to 50-foot boats and now up to 90-foot convertibles. Hatteras also began designing and producing a line of cruising yachts that now ranges from 63 to 100 feet in length. In 1967 Hatteras added a second manufacturing facility in the coastal town of New Bern, North Carolina. Thirty years later, the original facility was closed and all manufacturing was consolidated at the 95-acre waterfront site in New Bern, where operations remain today. However, some things at Hatteras have not changed. Hatteras yachts continue to set the standard in the yachting industry, by building boats with 5 year hull warranty. All Hatteras hull bottoms are solid fiberglass, with no balsa core. They use PVC non-absorbent foam core in the hull sides and superstructure to deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio. Hatteras features a precise hull-to-superstructure fit, provided by a four-part bonding process. The entire stringer system is composed of all fiberglass members – no structural plywood is used in Hatteras stringers. Hatteras uses fiberglass vacuum-bagging techniques that provide structural and thermal advantages as well. From fiberglass hull bottoms to anti-corrosive fittings, Hatteras Yachts reflect a commitment to continuously elevate the art of yacht building.
The new Hatteras 60GT, as viewed from all angles, is simply gorgeous. Its unbroken shear line rises progressively to a bow that rivals Hatt’s larger sportfish boats; a whopping seven feet, eight inches! Replete with its Carolina-ish flare and a traditional tumblehome transom, this eye-catching, finely balanced sportfish evokes the notion... “These guys got it right!”
A quantum leap is defined as “a sudden, dramatic and significant advance”. 30-years ago, Hatteras drew the world's attention when they unveiled something totally different in large convertibles... the magnificent new 60 Enclosed Bridge. It’s not easy to enclose a flybridge and maintain a symmetrical look that actually improves on the original open design... a design that has stood the test of time. Enter the new 77 Hatteras Enclosed Bridge: a quantum leap repeat. The profile of the new 77’ Enclosed Bridge is nothing short of stunning, as can be seen on the faces of onlookers gazing at the sheer magnitude of this monster... or is that a worried look from other manufacturers today who may have been too complacent in the 70-80 foot Convertible market? But these are just surface effects. It's what's below the surface that counts, so with tournament titles in mind, Hatteras put a multitude of hydrodynamic principles & technologies to work. The result is not only impressive performance, but a level of quiet, smooth and tight only seen in automotive sectors. There is most definitely an aggressive new direction in engineering and design at work here.
Hatteras’ brand new H-68 Convertible wraps the distinctive sportfishing needs into a dream-boat package, for the yacht owner/sportfisherman who settles for nothing but the very latest and the best of innovation. It delivers top quality, with legendary, outstanding performance.
Hatteras, ever at the forefront of satisfying customers desires, has added yet another fabulous new design to its coterie, in the H-64 Motoryacht. As the result of customer input at rendeszvous and feedback interviews of its previous H-63 Motoryacht, Hatteras reached into its idea bank to come up with another winner, with a revised and roomier interior. This vessel – for what a number of experienced yachtsmen feel – is on the threshold of the optimal size yacht which can be cruised single handed, or by a couple. That said, the H-64 offers a number of options which make it a great family or party boat as well.
Impressive... that accolade comes quickly to mind as the defining word for the new Hatteras SkyLounge 80, an even richer refinement of its 80 Motoryacht introduced last year. This new, enclosed flybridge model, with its added 252 sq.ft. of accommodations, offers sweeping panoramic views from every point of its well-designed interior.
American builder Hatteras has launched the first hull in their new 105RPH model. The vessel rolled out of the shed back in November 2020 and launched in mid-December. Since then the yacht has received its imposing hardtop and is currently on track to deliver for February 2021. The yacht is going to be handed over to a repeat client of the yard who is stepping up from the Hatteras M75. The owner already has big plans for the new yacht expecting to sail to The Bahamas and by extension, the Caribbean. The new yacht will be based in Florida.
Hatteras Yachts has some good news regarding the sale of another yacht in their Raised Pilot House (RPH) series of vessels. The latest, is the second unit in 105RPH line. The 105RPH will be delivered to her owner towards the end of 2020. Construction will be in GRP materials for both the hull and superstructure. She will boast of decent size exterior deck spaces and a flying bridge shaded by a large hard-top.
The last unit in the 100 RPH series from Hatteras Yachts has been delivered to her owner. This yacht is the fifth yacht in this line and is expected to be the last. The series will be replaced by the Hatteras 105 RPH. This unit is slightly different from the standpoint that it is actually not 100-feet long. "Optimus", as she has been christened, is actually a 107-footer owing to her 7-foot cockpit addition at the stern made to support the owner's fishing endeavours.
United States builder Hatteras Yachts unveiled more details of their flagship RP105 motoryacht at the 2018 Miami Yacht Show. The new model is their largest boat to date coming in at just over 31-meters LOA (31.9-meters/105.2-feet) and borrows many familiar cues from her slightly smaller RP100 sister. As many of you know, the RP designation in the model name refers to the Raised PilotHouse arrangement. The 105 will be something special for the yard in terms of size as it will be their largest resin infused hull at present.
The M90 from Hatteras Yachts is now completed and ready to be sent to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) where she will make her world debut for the first time. The M90 will be available in open as well as enclosed flybridge models. Power comes via a pair of CAT C32 ACERT marine diesels which can comfortably run her just above 22-knots. Her range is likely to be above 400 nautical miles at conservative speeds.
Hatteras is still alive and kicking in the near 100-foot sector with a recent launch of their first 90-foot motor yacht. This yacht has been launched in time to be fit-out, sea trialed and completed ahead of its stateside international debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show towards the end of the year in November. Those who are accustomed to the Hatteras 70 MY would find the new 90 MY equally as pleasing. It is a much larger retake on what the 70 MY did right and added some extras.
American yard Hatteras has unveiled the Hatteras 90 at the ongoing 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). This year's edition of the show commenced yesterday but the actual boat is set to debut in 2017 at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show. “We are expanding our Motor Yacht series in order to let our customers choose from a larger portfolio to meet their individual needs. These are semi-custom yachts that give owners a wider range of opportunities for personalization. In addition, we will offer the Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht in both Open and Enclosed Flybridge versions”, according to Hatteras Yachts President & CEO John W. S. Ward.
American builder Hatteras Yachts recently launched the third hull in their 100-foot series in mid-June. The first hull was launched and delivered back in 2013 as "Mr. Loui" and kick-started the 100-foot Raised Pilot House (RPH) series. In 2014, Hatteras launched and delivered the second hull in this series seen here at the following link: Following her christening she was named "Magalita V" for her owners. At this point it is unclear what the third hull will be called.