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Hargrave Yachts enjoys one of the most recognizable names in the marine industry, due to the legendary design work of the late Jack Hargrave. For over 40 years, Jack Hargrave set the standard for American yachtsmen and represented the best in design, engineering and planning. Jack’s designs were the basis for such yachts as Hatteras, Burger and Rybovich. Hargrave went on to design more than 75 powerboats for Hatteras, producing more than 6,000 yachts. All totaled, he designed over 250 yachts, which recently resulted to Jack Hargrave being inducted into the NMMA Hall of Fame. His influence on yacht design was legendary and carries forward into the yachts we see today. In 1997, shortly after the most famous American yacht designer passed away, Michael Joyce returned to the company after an absence of 20 years to take over as president and CEO. Recognizing that Hargrave was far more than a design office, Joyce explained to Jack’s family that “Hargrave” was a brand name and outlined a plan to begin the construction of yachts under the Hargrave name. Joyce, who had spent his career in the sales and distribution side of the business realized that if Hargrave was going to play a role in the future of the yachting industry, they would have to go it alone and could not rely on the reputation of other builders for their future. In a very short time period, with the expertise of a talented in-house design team and skilled Taiwanese craftsmanship, Hargrave yachts has become recognized worldwide for delivering quality and value. Hargrave customers enjoy working with Mike so much that nearly 40% of them have returned to build another yacht, with some on their 4th build. Since the company’s inception, they have delivered over 50 yachts, a testament to their engineering, staff and communications ability with their workforce and customers. Hargave’s current models range from 68’ to 115’ in length. They produce primarily raised pilothouse motoryachts that are semi-custom in nature, addressing the needs of their individual owners. Hargrave’s offices are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where they offer sales, brokerage and design services.
The 56-meter flagship of the Hargrave Custom Yachts is called "Baba’s". She was built to a design by Unique Yachts with an interior and Naval Architecture by HSY Yachts. This isn’t necessarily new territory for Hargrave as they have built this large before taking it all the way back to 1991 with the 184-foot "Katamarino" currently known as "Paris" at Amels. Jack Hargrave designed the exterior on that superyacht but it was built at Amels. She (Baba's) features a steel hull and aluminium superstructure construction.
At the 2008 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Hargrave Custom Yachts stepped outside the box with an innovative interior design concept that quickly became the buzz of the docks. Hargrave's president Michael Joyce, a veteran of the yacht industry, questioned the status quo and in doing so, may have very well influenced the future of the Raised Pilothouse Motoryacht. So what's everyone talking about? A Raised Pilothouse, minus the wheelhouse, sorta speak. Yes, a control station is still present, but it's taken a side seat to open air vistas and views that are unmatched by any raised pilothouse from the past. To the untrained eye, exterior styling and lines make the new 84' look similar to other yachts in the 100+ foot range, including full pilothouse windows. Closer scrutiny reveals a departure from other Hargrave yachts with an emphasis on grand living accommodations and wide open spaces.
When Sam Shalem decides to give a party he likes to launch it in style: which means perhaps 40 or 50 of his family and closest friends will board his yacht in Manhattan, or Nassau's Paradise Island, or the Exumas, for a soiree they will never forget. Though not a dreamy sort, it has long been his dream to do just that; so his latest party- yacht fits right in to his plans. This Dream -- his Hargrave 105'-- will accommodate the entire party on its generous flybridge deck, and still have room for a 5-piece band. Hargrave Yachts can usually be quickly identified in any marina or at sea -- they have a straightforward, confident, executive air about them; one that says "Board Room" or "Wall Street". They exude top drawer styling in any silhouette against the horizon. The exterior quietly, firmly, announces "Hargrave Custom Yachts".
Hargrave 68' CapriA Sibling Comes Of Age... The Hargrave 68' Capri is yacht gleaming with elegance and style, designed for rugged, comfortable long range cruising, as well as fashionable onboard entertaining in handsomely defined detail; She is a production yacht, yet precisely customized to suit her owners’ most ardent desires. There is much more to the Hargrave 68 legend than revealed by a simple boat tale. Think customer loyalty and satisfaction. For example, how many times will an owner come back to the same designer for a new yacht? In the case of Hargrave, the answer can be as many as four. That spells loyalty. This is a story about a man and his dream, and the people who helped him make it come true. But it is also about the experienced yachstmen who bought those boats, and who speak volumes about his company.
Hargrave Custom Yachts/HSY Yachts has launched the 35.9-meter luxury motor yacht "Romeo Foxtrot II". As the name implies it is the latest yacht for the same owner. In fact, this is the third yacht for the same owner from this yard but the first in a newer series from the builder. The project was known as F118 while it was under construction. The design is by Hargrave themselves with Naval Architecture by Jack Sarin and interior design by Yacht Interiors By Shelley.
Hargrave's E116 yacht "RomeoFoxtrot" completed build in 2022 and will be making it's debut at the forthcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show when the show opens on the 23rd of March. This exciting New Tri-Deck design by Hargrave Custom Yachts is offering a five stateroom layout including a full beam on-deck Owner's suite.
The 36-meter E116 by Hargrave Custom Yachts has been rolled out of the build shed and launched into the water. The semi-displacement yacht has an exterior design and Naval Architecture by HSY Yachts while the interior was the work of Yacht Interiors by Shelley. The volume onboard the yacht is around 300 GT.
The custom in Hargrave Custom Yachts is really the essence of the company's build process. While there may be a general common theme to some of their builds, quite a bit is left to the owner to leave their stamp on the build. Recently this yard released some new models of which one was quietly launched and completed last year. The new series of vessels are simply called the Hargrave B, Hargrave E and F. A 35.5-meter unit from the B series was completed as "Hyperion" last year.
One of the latest builds from Hargrave Yachts is the E 116 which is currently under construction outside of the United States. The owner of this build actually wanted to build a bit larger and as a consequence the E 116 is now available for another owner to take possession. Delivery can take place next year in time perhaps for Summer cruising. The design of the Naval Architecture is by Jack Sarin and this yacht is versatile in that she can travel to the Bahamas thanks to a 6-foot draft but she can also go on long passages.
American yard Hargrave's newest yacht and their flagship has been moved into the open now. The 56-meter superyacht has been under construction in Turkey at the HSY Facility in Antalya. The yacht was built for an American customer who is a four-time repeat client of the Hargrave yard.
American builder Hargrave Custom Yachts has launched the latest hull in the 101' Raised Pilot House series. This particular hull is actually hull number 12 and she will be making her public debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). She was built on spec and has a name, "Sunny". Doesn't that sound familiar or close to a previous build from the same model series "Sassy"?