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CRN Yachts bring mega yachts to the Ferretti Group family of yacht businesses. Sanzio Nicolini founded CRN in 1963, first building small craft, and then quickly switched over to production of large yachts. Since the beginning of the company’s inception, its shipyard in Ancona, Italy has been manufacturing luxury yachts with steel hulls and aluminum superstructures. The CRN bow structure is an unmistakably trademark. CRN’s building projects include mega yachts up to 70 meters in length, and the company’s philosophy is to blend luxury, comfort, and high performance into state of the art yachts. CRN strives to build solid customer relationships, while delivering a unique product. With a fleet of 116 mega yachts launched, the CRN shipyard in Ancona has been one of the principal world builders of luxury yachts. CRN is the acronym of “Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali. Today the shipyard builds fully customized mega yachts in steel and aluminum from 30 to 70 meters under the CRN name and semi-custom vessels in composite from 29 to 43 meters under the Custom Line name. CRN became part of the Ferretti group in 1999. The first step of the agreement between these two giants was "Magnifica", a mega yacht of 43 meters launched in 2001, and the first hull of a very successful line. The shipyard in Ancona continues its expansion in 2002 by joining forces with Custom Line, a company bought in 1998 by the Ferretti Group, specializing in the production of maxi yachts in composite material. CRN broke new ground at the beginning of 2003 by buying the neighboring Mario Morini shipyard (one of the few Italian shipyards to specialize in steel constructions). This acquisition has led to the Italian shipyard becoming one of the most important producers of mega-yachts in Europe. This has been a trampoline to acquire the technology and production facilities necessary to give weight to CRN's presence in the steel and aluminum mega yacht market Today, CRN Shipyard covers in Ancona an area of approximately 80,000 sq. meters, of which 35,000 are covered. This allows the simultaneous construction of more than 15 yachts at one time. CRN has a workforce of 380 employees, which doubles when subcontractors are included.
A recurrent element in Studio Zuccon International Project’s design work, the theme of timeless go-anywhere design is back again in the new Teseo project, a 50 metre Expedition yacht designed exclusively for the CRN shipyard. Reinterpreting the stylistic features and content historically associated with Expedition Yachts in a contemporary light, Teseo is a product for long sailing trips in all seas and weather conditions. The product we now call an 'Expedition Yacht' is currently very popular, and a lot of shipyards which have in the past had a very different idea of 'sailing' have decided to invest in this form of typological experimentation for a number of reasons, one of the most important of which is response to the increasingly frequent demands of a market oriented toward reducing consumption and therefore costs in order to enjoy life at sea in the 'healthiest' possible way. Teseo was therefore created at a time of strategic importance for this type of vessel, the features of which not only satisfy our need to be 'Green' but also respond to the increasingly spasmodic use of all the water toys now available on the market. The functional properties and layout of this type of vessel allow the owner to dedicate the entire stern, which is much bigger than the standard for vessels of this size because the volume of the superstructure is shifted much farther forward, to housing two 8 and 5 metre tenders and a water scooter (in the specific case of Teseo).
CRN 52-meter Classic SuperyachtBlending Trends and Technology By blending trends from 1970's & 80's with the technology of the new millennium, CRN has created the "Classic 52m", a completely new, fully customized, steel and aluminum displacement yacht where luxury becomes “social” and innovation blends harmoniously with timeless design. The 52-meter mega yacht, was developed from the CRN naval architectural solutions, in collaboration with Studio Zuccon International Project and meets the ship owners’ greater need to be flexible. This new layout allows one to have closer contact with the sea, thanks to the outdoor “beach club” at the stern and on the terrace of the owner’s suite. The boat easily accommodates up to 12 passengers in five guest cabins (a master cabin and four guest cabins) and 12 crew members. It has a maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a cruising speed of 14.5 knots, thanks to twin CAT C32-C engines.
The CRN yard today announced a new build just as they continue to have their hands full with a number of current projects, as well as new contracts. So far the yard is building at least four superyachts that we know of. The largest is a 72-meter known as hull 139, the next is 62-meter hull 138, followed by 60-meter 141 and finally 52-meter 142. Project 'Marenello' is the latest contract and this one is 67-meters and will be known in build as hull 143. The exterior design is from Nuvolari and Lenard.
Another one of CRN's superyachts under construction is a 52-meter vessel being built under hull number 142. The exteriors is the work of Omega Architects working in collaboration with the technical offices at CRN. The interior on the other hand is by Italian Studio Massari Design. With a delivery timeframe for 2022 the four-deck yacht is moving apace in construction. Note construction of this 52-meter vessel is all aluminum.
The owner of 62-meter superyacht "Voice" has taken delivery this week. The 62-meter vessel was under construction at CRN as CRN137 and features both exterior and interior design by Nuvolari Lenard. Since delivery the yacht has made it to the heart of the Mediterranean where it is enjoying its maiden voyage. One of the notable features about this yacht visually from the exterior is the vertical bow. "The bow is vertical, not to follow the current trend, but to ensure maximum length in the water, thereby increasing speed and maximizing the forward volumes, where the tender garage is located," according to Nuvolari Lenard.
The contract has been signed on a new vessel to be built by Italian yard CRN. The yacht is referred to as the CRN 142 and is a 52-meter superyacht. Do not be confused with the 142 designation equating it to the length of the vessel. The vessel is in fact to be 173-feet long or around 52-meters. The 142 refers to the yard number of this all-aluminium yacht. The design is coming from the boards of Omega Architects, specifically Frank Laupman.
Over the weekend Italian yard CRN Yachts splashed their latest build, the 79-meter Hull 135. This yacht rolled out of the building dock last month in preparation for its full launching. Of course Hull 135 is CRN's second largest build to date coming in just behind the 80-meter "Chopi Chopi".
CRN's second largest yacht recently left the building hall in preparation for splashing. The 79-meter yacht second to their 80-meter "Chopi Chopi" will be soon sent to the water. She was built under the hull ID 135 and features construction in steel and aluminium. The exterior has been fashioned by Studio Zuccon International Project while the interior is the work of Laura Sessa. Mega Yacht Solutions served as project management and took the following photo.