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Long time friends Montie Twining and Naval Architect Gregory C. Marshall had an ambitious vision to create the next generation of full displacement, classed, contemporary expedition yachts; ocean voyagers with brawn to match their beauty… Calixas Yachts. What began many years ago as a concept yacht dreamt up between freends, was the impetus that led to the formation of Calixas Yachts. Gregory Marshall, though not an owner, is an integral part of the company. His design excellence and 20+ years of naval architecture have helped Calixas create a premier luxury yacht for the 21st century. Calixas studied the most successful yacht companies in business today, and saw a niche in direct sales of displacement style spec-built yachts. A healthy spec-boat line will help to insure an owner of a resale market if they want to get out of yachting altogether, or move up to another yacht. Calixas Yachts will come ready to go, including most everything needed to leave the dock. Calixas will initially limit the scope of its business to MCA/DNV/ISO classed, resin infused, under 500-ton contemporary displacement yachts. Calixas plans to build its yachts at premiere yards around the world. One of the goals of the company is to be “green”. Calixas chose the cleanest burning engines and generator sets it could find. Vacuum infusion, by its very nature, is a low VOC emitting process. A displacement hull design is inherently green. Calixas also pays very close attention to processes to assure the maximum hypo-allergenic benefits are achieved. Calixas endeavors to be environmentally conscious whenever it can. The first yacht in this venture is the Calixas 105, a brawny, modern expedition style yacht featuring all the amenities of a luxury yacht, but with a go anywhere, fear no wave design. It made it's debut at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in 2007.
At first sight together, Calixas and Montie Twining don’t seem to match. Calixas is brawny, crisp, a powerful trawler-yacht statement, with design innovations that tweak some standard large yacht concepts. Twining, the builder, comes across as the enthusiastic young man next door who prefers casual sweaters to the business formality of a coat and tie. However, up close and personal, both quickly unveil a cache of surprising features that are unusual. By the way, the yacht’s name is pronounced Cali-X-as, a melding of California and Texas, because the two principals happen to hail from those two states. They are: Twining, the potent creative force behind this attractive formula, from Texas; and Greg Marshall, the acclaimed naval architect, from California. These two young innovators parlayed their twenty year close friendship, and complementing talents, into an outstanding new venture; the 105’ concept yacht Calixas.